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■ n noi,j„ins pr.R *.nnuv 

J>'>, ! :><S IV \I»V \KCft. 




To ft»e Honorable tne Senate ami House el 

Htpi'escu Qi ivc* nf die Commonwealth oi Massa- 

General Court artmbled, at Boston, on 

. i ..-. \Waac day ol lay, j d, 1813, 

T;iE PctitwHi sfibo Sobscflbere, respectfully rep' 
... ,, that Uii ■. i ontracicd witkJobn lb ■ 

■■ , ,n , I , Esqutres, agents for the sale o! East- 

,. i UfltO, tii the. lBtb Sot of March, \. ii. W10, tot 
- i1k . ( .,,.«_;,; ... ,... n*actofLMld»*n»'VcyedbyllJ' ! "'" 
■ mi i • i'h, agreea- 
bly to a plan of a siid land made and returned, bj said 
Lewis into the iwtd^lfiee, in«ih* year 1S(J9.; which 

. „■ ..... (cribed in mod contract, conform- Alexander, 

B ijly (f) . , . ...... mndbeVe*slcrly and souther!} by i Alston, 

.:, of Baldwin, i. i.i easterly by the town ol , Archer, 
bj Saso fiver, and bj FreceotVs grant, so 1 Bard, 

, -! :.t thetbneofen- J Barnctt, 
icring '■>■ "-'• '■'- !,liL ' lrtti dollars' ) Bibh, 

Canaid land ; paid o pun olsaid iw ice* and j Buwen, 

,. otyroftfn eseersaid Common- j Brown, 
.■:,,,..,■.,■ u,- 1, i.,, u were to receive Burwel), 
. :, t a^uftu;iemd(.,J-^HHi biii-l vi. 'I- ■■!'.'■ I'. | ( 
j , .„„...i. would fi ftlwi represent, I 

fiai ttev made another eaim-^t ■ 

. ibe purchase of *■ Cheevcs, 

t ■ ...;..'■; .:■.:■.■ i h .i. .■•.■■.' aadforiy 

. : j: L.. 1, sun ^-ed by b.ui.L-l OnrngerfEsq- 
... lo;ire«Uc ( . be 1 gahrtuw passd on the 
■ 8fFchruary, l lit, tnthorising i id p . i to 
. u era ■■ f Baldwin, lo be surveyed ; to ascer- 
tain mc extent md boundaries thereof | and lo sell 
.- ,.i, ,,n.:.. , . . might be found totes 

l. „■., tin township gWted lo fheortgtani proprietors | LYiuyelles 


of said Baldwin; to " '">'' $&*** <"' pentm andfu- 
, h tentiderafam a* the woi&ugfnti vikftA ■ ■ 
miiwdwii/e."— Your>elijiioRCEi*woul*iurUjerTepre- 
tL r,t, that, at the nme ui making siid bat mentiooed 
.... . they paid tlir. - hundred dollars, in, part, tor 
■,!,..;.. . !.,.. a.ueJ tr-.ct of L-iLl,undguvc;brcc notes 
ol h-tnJ, oa tnteWal, amoafltCig :<j W?cn^ seven Kuiv 
dted d I -t^, to lUc 'i'ltmirer ol'Ui:» CotntnonWeaJtii 
for tb« payment pfthe balance, and toslc no (.■bi>g..iiun 
«I said agents, tor :i deed of Stud but described tract, 
10 be executed and delivered by suid agents, to your 
j il itlonerS, on liic payment of smd nt>t*s — Uwt, ■ince 
tbe .1 .i ;i>f tic fii'^i mentiooed contract] your petition- 
c/> onuVed upuii m\i1 omnmeuced ibe clearing of ihe 
1....1 J.-icnLcd (;i"J-nd, L .. W4> iinmnlialtl) in- 
icrraptcd by ibe proprietors ol llnUlvin, who brought 
:n JL t:oa of fj ■ c«i.i*-u\ ^g.iiristi!ie persons whomyour 
petitioners lt*d employed, »s tlieir servants, to labour j 

: , id,-4uid-ftt the lost October term of iV Su- 
;.:■ rue Judicial CoUi ■, i.ulslei) at Hfriland, latbeeoun- 
-. i ai - ':'HLn:ri,..iid, ili-j conn dir.xlcd (t»j jury to find 
ii verdict, in snid action, in favour ot the proprietors, 
aid tkost actrtg- under them, bad no title to said land ; 
and Ibat, by a resolve of the Legislature, v, l.;ch tb« 
proaa^etoft procuxed to be passeii, in the year eigbtecn 
:.un Ircd uiidtci), for Vic firoteudtd purpose ui' correct- 
i _ ". .:i'i'fjrs iii describing WBlt of the lines 6a the north 
ivesierly side" of said Baldwin, tJte ieffa/oturt /.---rf, 
in e])\-rt, granGci tb !he proprietors tj BoUitdll, Hit w/iok 
I :'id\ smounting to more t/irui ten thvusand a- 
. Odd uit/vc (he vttneit hvw! of Baldv/uij ac- 
cordmg to n«.u- ancieut grant ; winch wuuld give to 
ibrj>i'[jpneioi-i at said townolliiddwii^a ti-act ol" bnul< 
about equal hi extent, to fun common toten*liJ>t oftix 
miles ai/uart ; mid wholly ilulbut the contracts uj < ...r 
petidoiltfrs » itlr the agents of Uw nonimonn . i [i -- 
iowr pt-titiuriur* would furlhcr ri«pret,L'iit, il ' 
ti.t.c they ciKci'ed juui i.Aiii tiontmcts rturstio' sgent • 
;nul voji- pctijtfajerj #erc jgnorarltol the oxtstdiceef 
■ i •■ ■ .' . ■ i ■ui 1 tl furiherrepreseiU) 

TiC.,.;... _." Q-Jl lVSL-li'.lv cilUi'dkj.i - i ■ _ ■ ■ - 

Uilanoc ui lint jjj-iBcit'id a«»d interest due on siidao'e» ; 

t money already udvaneed, by tbftffi, a- 

mount^to newly four thousand dollar j ; — and.thspro> 

,.'i ii.' ui: of BitdVbl are now about to comciniem:* jn 

acuoH of trespavit agrtrnstthem for cutting timber 00 

s..J biodi, whl^b y.i'ir petitioners apprehend, if ftcy 

derive w uvd hum iLe tiroaly brterierehee-'ofth* Leg- 

"i.-Utore may terminate in the ru : n of fhenueiVea and 

fiuniliea. Wh-retuie your petitioners pray, that the 

Treasurer may b« directed not toputsaidnotCE in suit, 

until Uie further order of the Legislature ; and that 

the Attorney or Solicitw General may be directed to 

inatitue wi inr[ue8tol olfice, or such other process 

jji beh df of UiO CoqnnOTivealth, aa may be proper to 

i ii. ; .. . to lh*latkh purchased, as aforesaid, by 

yoar peulivners, or Lhiil your Honorable body would 

iifford your petitiohera «ich oilier ruiief, in tnepreiu- 

jjtu, ha io joar u'lidom niav geem just. 

How, Mm, 16 H. JOHN S PfilNG. 
CiHimonviOiUth q/ Masnachusetta, 

I>- SSAtJT&i Jusi. 16//,, 1813. 
On the Petition aforesaid, OedKKED — 
the prthJOheM cause sji attested copy of their u^lition 
■.vjiii LUi* order tiiL-iLjn, to he sci* sed on the Town 
Clerk of die town of Laldwin, sixty days, and cause 
the same lo be published in the C'olvmlriun L'entiiml, 
primed in Boston, also in the Euitern A ryu :, three 
week, lucceaaivtly, xiiv lust publication to be sixty 
days, at Itast, before the second Wednesday of the 
next session oi'thepa'Cscnt General Court, that all per- 
viiu biteres^dj may then nppeuv and shew cause, (if 
rqj they have) why the prayer of said petition should 
not be granted. Sent down for ca,icuri-tfn.p 

Jd th Ihu.z cf RepreKiitativts, Jutie 16th, 1813. 
Read x&d oooiMUJcd. 

ll*,lOTHV BIGELOW, Speaker. 
A true Copy — Attest, 
^^ ,S V MLumii, Ctrrk of thy Semite- 

lluusc of Hvpreseututiees, 

tan umi at, jitv !, 1813. 

T UTILE bills came fVoim the Semite, oire ol whfch 
vt M to imdioTJ^ the BUilding-of BAftGfiS, fbr 
the further deKnsooF our harbors, fee, which WW 
read twice, and referrul lo the N'av^l Comtntttee. 


The hill toasseti mid collect j lVr>;t TaS.Jkc. 
wns read b 'In I'd tinje, and on the nn* Hon, 
the l. II |iass '" It w,u> decided us foUowa ! — 
YBAS— Messi ■,, 

t.Kul iorfj 

elm ■ ow, 

i .. ..... 





H Librouck, 

, . i 

MwpkiJi . 

Ilutiipln'- ys 

Clark, Ilunijerlijid, 

Clopton, Hjiictnan, 

Con ■ lock, i-ij; irsoll, 

Gpnard. Jngh:.m, 

Crawford, Dickson, vf Fa. 

Crtighton, Kent, sfMd, 

Davis, efPenn. (Sort, 



King. of.V. C. 



I rle, 





fc«». Hanson, Sheffey, 

He well, Sherwood, 

Jackson, of 5 I 3h phcrd, 


Ksk, tf IV. 
F.*k, i/.\: 1 
Fom he, 

BayHjes, e> 













Davis, of Man. 


1 ■■ . Jnor, 





S'.'.: ton, 





Re a, of Penn. 

Rhea, ofiinn 







Sajjx*, ■ 




Hiniu., of Pern, 

Smith, nfVa. 









Yancey ?3. 

petuating their own slavery at hqme than thei*, not lo\'c Great-Britain too well, and that knows j F01i£IGN INTKLIlIG 1* V C E. : 

oppression and tyranny over their peaceful and I how acceptable anoffering it would be to France j 1 ■— h 

anoffentliuB uc-iyhhors. I w hom it-lovus full well en SUgA. \ {Translated from Li. ■-■■ 

liut we Have not bsing guilty ol this fault | Some people have atteiwaleu to destroy the | re C ene<U_ . 

alone. Thesamc munB»fcted,kUuuderfitofed Pat- reputation ol" Commodore Broke ami the ofW | pWiTUG.iL. 
i iolism has'led us u» measures which really dis- ceraofthe Shannon, accusing them t,f cruelty , TJii> Excellency ^oi^ttfl 
graced our country ; and if the future, historian | and plunder. — That man and that- ship, who l -D- Fokmz (the 'pr< 

should deem it of sulBcieiil unportunce-to mcor- ' waa mix weeks on this station, audlrom hH ton- I hasfjust received a despatch ftom Lis Excel- 
porate the hasty arid inconsiderate expression! j duct vou would have thought him a friend j Itmcy the Majshsl-General, Duke of PfrWi . 
of our mistaken PaU'iotism, W6 should he, tlmt rather than a liiUedidheanr.oyoui ;i.,ae. i [Wellington] dat^dat LioK.Q. .t /"i\> ::. 
is, the present generation ol AjnericaTlB, would , — And what is this charge mad- against our , the l 2ih Inst, and covering the enclosed 
be) the objects oitlie ndienlt- or pity of our pos- , foe .' Wlty that when -we- jaJUtltly and i.obly i pilch from Lt.-Gcneral MvHItAt, ccnifJ 

R.'jncedv, Sleitmer 

Kent, d/'JV: 1* Smith, e/vV. ff. 
Kia;.. of Mm. Smith, vfJV-t? 
Lewis, Stanford, 

Milter, Strong, 

Motrin, Btuart, 


Miuk.ll, T..f.-..arl,, Tullmadge, 

Pearson, Thompson, 

Pickering, Vose, 

Pjrkun, Wvr&ofMut. 

Post, Webateri 

Potup, WheatDU, 

J. Reed, Wjlcox, 

Ridge ly, Wdoon, ofjltan. 

Scbui-eiuan, ^Vinlerar- — 63- 
So die hill was passed, and sent to the Senate for 

The bill to lay a duty on Licences to DiitH Spirit- 
cm l.lij-.u,: ', wus gone through with, and amended; 

ihe bill lor •' / 

■■■ . 

a Piieit 7'»y 

was also taken up, 
as t:ikcn the House 

but before am dafiQlfivctJUC 
adjouriiud. — — 

i itiiur. -ii. 
Ttit U unrn ! c'.iona repwrtwvt ' 

postporx^n^ntot ^esi'bj ct of tli. L-krii 
JJotwi'i to Uji 1 nc.. session. Concurred in. 
A bill to authorise: the .'resident to cause lo 
be buill^ witsout delay, aft many BARGES as 
he may deem neCeXsary, to be armed, equips 
ed and manned as he may direct, of a srisc not 
leae than forty-five feet long.and capable of car- 
rying heavy (tuns, passed without a division. 
A bill for the deft-nce of the Maritime Frontier, was 
takn, op in Committee of the whole ; and the section 
win " authorizes the enlistment of five regiments of 
what arc usually called the twelve monUts 1 men, for 
and during the W*T, to be employed in garrirone oi\ 
Ihe sea boird, was explained by the Chairman of the 
.YlilUury Committee. In his observations, Mr.Taoup 
sad, that if the fortifications on our sea board were ex- 
tended in a line ofb|ttefy, it woidd give a heavy piece 
of artillery at every distance of 140'J yards. He added, 
that it was in vauitorely on militiaor volunteers to marj 
these work* i and he therefore proposed to raise these 
five regiment i exclusively for that purpose, which with 
ftve regiments of twelve months' men, and live regi- 
ments of other troops, would make an adequate de- 
fense. The bill was ordered to be engrossedfor a 
third reading. 

The House went into Committee on the report of 
die Committee of Elections unfavorable to the peti- 
tion of Joan TAiiiTKiino, but no question Was tidten 
— when the House adjourned, 

terily. It is to relieve ourselves From sur ■diare 
of this disgrace : It is UJ prove that there were 
among the Amurieahsltflke pwscnt agi , . . 
who tUd not mistt k« I Olllbast for spirit, who 
knew how to apprecialt', as posterity will do, 
and as all eotemporarj intelligent rata in fither 
countries really do, ou i :al merits > i bellig- 
erent naii'in, that v.. : to write the 
present essay. 

There ... .".e con- 

duct as a belligi renj, and eVen lite o/t/i ■ .. n of 
tlie Wur, hare bt ed par'Saliy Katile to 1 lame. 

I need not rita toe shiuruewl pcrvileni ss, with 
which the worst examples of Preuch bulletins 
ami offietal papers have been eoiiiid, ,uiu follotv- 
ed- This disgrace falls only upon the- misera- 
ble oflicer& who have thus degraded tlieajntion, 
Ook" f.mis have not been more disgraced by 
a total want of system, skill, *nd spirit in the 
nianagement of flie War, than our cfiawicter 
degraded by a boastful, vapid, vapurintr nianner 
of speaking of military event* An army, al- 
ways beaten, often captured bj a force utterly 
inferior, has held a language which would tar* 
liish the most glorious successes. 

The surrender ol Hull was not in our opin- 
ion so shameful as the victor-, at York and 
Fort George. 

The fminer was owing undoubtedly to an 
imprudent advance into a hostile country cal- 
culating upon what we had so much proscribed 
apd denounced ourselves, our intiigues, and 
ttic disloyalty of the Canadians. 

The latter took place after ire had all the 
benefit of experience, and our force was so 
much more competent thai He ought either to 
have hydatid forljfkdthe postswe had taken, 
or not to have boaitcd of ♦.hem in the extrava- 
gant terms which wo used, 

A second Guilt, which is moiv criminal and 
qmtfeas foolish, is die attempt made by men of 
ail r*nks in the pay or employment of govern- 
ment to throw an imputation ol'unu'-uai and mv 

examplcd cruelty on tae oHiecw and natitwi of 
tlit ' iH'.ny. Tiii=i may sui; the kicked and cov- 
rupt views of those men who wish to alienate 
the minds of the putp! : f-om a nation with 
whicli we arc more naturally connected by the 
ties of common origin, religion* fr^eaom, com- 
munity of laws, similitude of ni.u.ners,and con- 
formity of interests tl-an with *ny other nation 
on tl»e globe. 

■ W"*> -luiwilr, .. -' 

ed^ — and indeed mar 

It is foolish, becAUso tiMt ration h_s a char- 
acter established of several centuries duration. 
It is not in the compass of the paltry and menu, 
and base and false reports of unofficial Utters, 
or in the still more wicked, undetiued iirsinu >- 
tions of messages iind public pgpdVts, to nn-Iei- 
mine or destroy thai brightest trail in the char- 
acter of Britons, (we say it though th»yare our 
enemies) of habitual generosity ant! humanity. 
If the American oliiecn have imbibed tins sph> 
it — they imbibed it from the jllualriotta c\am- 

r. ;ii ui to strike our cojaraj made nosijr.s ol | the 

ion,but continued to kill every one we 
could, after the ship was in fiteir power, they 
had not coolness and magiMtmmJty sumejent io 
suspend hostilities I ! ! I have beeo morfepat'- 
licuivtr on this point because v/fi M-ethcpr.lj 
nation on earth tiftt does nut j;;ve tlie Br'uit 
credit for great tflMkiufy in War. Even the j 3^ C[(PT ^ p, ,3„„ 
French do it — and for heaven's sake let u _ » l t. r, . 

pendStMfi of the allied corps cud 
command, from the 1 1th to the 13jJ\ Ap*3 
eluding trie battle of OattoUa, 

H. <i Cattail April X4, 18U 
xt it an, 

1 HAVE 'be satisfaction to inf 
tha, on the litb in»t, tii ' ' 

mand, defeuteii vl.t enemy, t ■■ '• ■ ' 

S.9jw:t as thef-'r./ncii. 



Legtsiatiive of li 


jVLIfPOfiT, Jerv 3, 1S13. 



Cumntomitealt-fi *f Massachusetts. 
MiODtKEt, «i To Silas Marshall, of Packe rati eld, in 
i !■. county of Cheshire and state of New -Hampshire, 
Admuiifirator of tho estate of Thoinaa Marshall, 
' ' ■ • i M-!.-,town,in tliesiidoootity of Middlesex, 
il or'ji -i, Leadier Ureaser, deceased, intvstale, wid 
'. octrs at law, and credit*™ of said deceased, 
and io all othcN eoncerned in iud utate- 


WHEREAS the skid AdmlnistrRter has prctfcnoxl 
for ullowance, ta u*c Hon. James Prescott, Esq. 
Judge of F/obatc of will* and fcr granting letters of 
ihiiiiniisW'tioji, In ,inJ for thu said county of Middle- 
<■ .• , Ui^ '.en accotuU pflys udrninistrstion upon said 
estate — \ou are there fore, hereby cited to appear be- 
, mid Judge, at s .Court of Probate, to be hold- 
.n .1 i ,i.ii ' iwii, in art J for said oounty of Middlesex, 
ail die ulird r l i..^d:iy <>f August next, to shew cause, 
if anv yon have, either for e* against the aanc. And 

•...i, iii | (1 Silas Ma'-ih-ill, accordingly, are 

I in serve this citation, by giving per- 
sona! n i'i« thereof to :i " p*r«on* concerned in iaid 
as! I.-. Itvinfl '\ii'..i. r.v.-ii-. in.lcs fniui thesaidcourt 
ten days, at leant, previous thereto ; and notjfj bg afj 
.!...- . .... 1 ■ 1- -i in,bj . I.; ..r :i true c"py bci-c- 

■ to be inacited diicc weulu SUcfflSively, in . 
i ■,..! Ihe Cotumbiun Ceiitbu;!, puOluii- 

pjj tu ilostorti by Benjamin R:i^»ell,tJielajt publication 
•■•j be nt lam twun-.v days before the said third Tues- 
i yp\ August, uid'to make due return hereof wiun 
lings thereu), unto 'In- said court. 
Witn.'-..: theuaid James PrCSC^tt, Lsq. Judge of Pro- 
b; i... ,fm .■'.-. ...I. under tus ^eaf offoial, a-. Gmtoii. the 
twenty sixth d. j of -M y, in the year of our Lord one 
, inwdrca utd ilurteen, 
JAMES PRESCOTT,/««/s-r Probatr. 
?'^ Vift-it*; XOA-i MAiiSILAii^u'riiV. 

ron Tan GEJVTIMEL, &c. 



— ■ fVgj HI. 

\S7"E have shewn, as we believe, that Ihe 
* * people, who are generally and indeed al- 
most universally opposed to the Wat, have not 
acted with that consistency which an enlight- 
ened and intelligent oppo-iilisn to, and abhor- 
rence of the War, ou-ht to have produced. 
They have thought it pretty, and he-coming, tu 
take a doep interest iu the aucfvss of the vary 
measures which they disapproved. 

This has arise h from a mistal'.en idea of ihe 
duty of patriotism. Patriotism, does indeed in 
its narrow and vu/.g-ar acceptation, require, that 
we should rejoice whenever our armies tri- 
umph, Whether ' lio :.i- triumphs are productive 
of lastuig good, or serious evil to our Country. 

To this blind and false /iHtriotbin, (if it de- 
serves the name) did the Romans and every 
other military people owe tlie loss of their lib- 
erties. There is something daezl'tng in the 
splendor of military successes, and dishearten- 
ing in the disgrace of military defeats against 
wiwch short-sighted men arc not proof. 

To this cause, and this alo;ir, are we to at- 
; ibutC the present degraded and servile 
atttJ of the FrenaJ} people. Regardless of 
the tf.itdeiicy of their triumphs to elevate 
the Military over the Civil poWe-r — to huild 

pie of the warriors of Great •Brit am. 

The moral and religtftus character — the tem- 
per andtoneol that wiie-k nation, has rendered 
it impossible tliat their military or naval men 
shcmld be other thanmaKiia'.i'i.ous andlmmauc- 

Lookat their revolutions and compare ihem 
with thoae of France. In all ages the British 
people have been 3sthey now are more clem- 
ent in victory than any nation on earth. Look 
at Canada — peruse {MQueSecicl — =e : a spec- 
tacle of a people for seventy years preserving 
(heir religion, laws, language, estates, rights 
and interests under Ujo victor. 

Look at GnutUlou/ir, M:jrtint,/ue,Sttr,-ina'>', 
^.nd Dsmcrara^-il has hren remarked, aiid is 
well known to be true, lhat Britain when she 
returns a conquered eouutry at a peace, returns 
it improved in acts,in laws, in wealth and pros* 

iiut as it respects this War, tlie charge is not 
only foolish, but base. While we have tri- 
umphed m honorable naval victories wo have 
gained in a manner which would lead any one 
to believe that wo were astonished at our own 
successes, that we considered it as miraculous 
that we could beat a British ship, thus in effect 
shewing what ;l degrtujedopinionwe before hud 
of otn selves, while We cartLd our boasting t» 
such ii pitch, that r>b<:r men, not actually COn- 
ii ned in Bftltaii^ declared Chat <h< Pr rid n 
would take a British 74 in half an hour, and 
maintain an equal contest with an 80-giRi ship. 
(,t,i ihe other hutd, our enemy, regardful of our 
h-i lings, has never tentaUaed hs,oi i ,i uwUed 

us, or vapoui f ed,or bullK'vi US il ■>■ in the Il 

disgraceful encounter* on land notoi^ly unpar- 
allcled in history.but iruiisreudlngany nil e , , - 

ry thing of which ifnn ^in ill m could .'.onccive. 
The cgndUCt of Sir Thomas IImusy— the 
fifty cases which have been reported in mr. pa- 
pers of public acknowledgemenH to British 
officer!* for kindness n.d civility, ought to have 
silenced us on this poini li Jt v. c Iind somebase 
men always disposed tO*toaka the m.»st of eve- 
ry case ofindividud outrage or Injustios 
Gen, Wlxct/i'-A.T.a was reported lo have 
■ been hewed io piect I snd ■■■<[. ieJ. — Lt.-Coh 

So 03 the olle , . , i! 90 Lt QUi ■ 

were Sa.WtohkVebe.eo shmiefullyused.— Smne 

' of ih- officers tmllei- WisMt** TB " were« 

riiHE General Assembly afthis State met in 
-*- this town on Monday , ttJldTon Tuesday his 
Excellency the Governor communicated the 

following MESSAGE .-— 

Gentlemen af tlu- S> note, and 

Gentlemen of the limine of Uepvetentativei, 
TUB Memorial of the t'.eaeral AsSembl; , voted at 
M.y Bcssion, agreeable to vnur request, I u„ warded 
to the President of tin.- United S'.aii^ on tlie 11th ult 
with in) tetter of dj d tlate, a copj of which is here- 
with presented, To the latto r I have received an an- 
BWee from the Secretary ot* l tlrt War IXpattmejn, 
which, with the remaining part of oi)* correspondence 
with that Deportment, I now lay b^lvre you. 

At a period so ruomentous, and under circuputsn- 
oes so commanding,, wc ultotild have been happy m 
discovering even a auponUttn in the Genera] Govern- 
ment to have made audi preparations for the pro tec-: 
lion of (fit State, as duty impels, without solicitation : 
but from the Snoitr ol Jie replies to those recently 
mafle, and other proofs heretofeie-had, it appears, that 
however picking the occasion, or indispensable the 
duty nt Uiu Diuled States to protect and dc lend the 
., during the existing war, or however 
urgent and respectftd our applications have been, ibr 
triesVwitj ofthrs State (tfljlt this-we arc entitled to, 
hrom the large amount we have paid into the Unilei 
Stafi .' I reasurr, a« well as ftom the general compact) 
-el -!■ ■■ does ndtap^est a ecLtary hope of our being 
pi . ; | >ii ur.\ adcqunicstiite of ih.f:.nw byUielJimed 
States. Bltt it is apparent, that ume-au of our be Jig 
furnished with regular troops in garrison «ven Forts 
fVotcoU and jldms, as rceemly requested, winch un* 
der existing cu-eumatanoes are worse than useless, as 
. may serve to invite an attack, the State must 
furnish its owa defence, if hwaded, or surrender its 
in, Una to do common garrison duty, under United 

■ ■■: | ,1 vymtn IfLrhupi tmtfWMl, ttn!il imfiv 

Sed upon M-fitml PranceJ <3U «fe must remtin at lint 
mi nv uf a powerful eaemy, whose forbe^r-anec it may 
!,.. .(....-rQuaw prosumc .ip*u, tvlulc iTTitaUptiB ate 

iiUoHI- M:.ic,aw acetsaUik- b> tliejr stiipa 

i ' . n,. ,. cLreunTs'.-nnx*, ii (ceoini * 

i. C1 v •■■'ii' iy shonblnow |'i '...■- tin i -—■- 
ui.,,* proper io pArsde. 

V/lth respect to a termination of ihet most unh..ppy 
war, from which accthcr honor orproin can ruuonnlly 
be expeotod, it wrfuld aROrdsomecdnoolauon.lltliere 
existed * glcion otbop' ■' it would sjaaedllj bere- 

; .|i/.,l , hut if Mducnastfie (dlej luscsoftbe 

war arc removed, j**w Claim* are prouiraed, we havg 
not the most distant prospect of dial suspicious daj i 
but andfcr the present sate ol things, ulsircss musi 
unavoidably increase, snd the citizens of the Atlantic 
States lie driven Irom tlu-ir pfcOOHble habualions or 
lucrative employments, io „cek a slieiitr amongst 
aUangers, or trespass Upon the hospitably of their 
fiiends, whose sympathy and benevolence might ex- 
ceed their nfltaiw- , . , 

\ Itlioti^l, iliese pressures, under which we are tliHs 
placed, obviously are distressing, yet We Iuvl- some 
means of defence in our power, and such as we pos- 
,,-.,.! un usppy to know, thai the. citizens of. the 
; . .;• -' ."hade Jiitim! retain the piiU-ioL :.-ri, the ener- 
gy and spirit, necessary to put these means in requisi- 
tion, whenever -heir country is invaded. . . 

Notwithstanding these accumulating difficulties, 
which are already severely felt by main, and die very 
limited resources uf the Staw for the necessary pre- 
parattOM to meetan invasion, it is undoubtedly our 
dutv io mate every practicable exertion for the secu- 
I'ityof our follow-citizertg at those points tlie most ex- 
posed ; and in order to be ready for such an event, it 
is submitted to the wisdom of .his General Assembly 
to devise the hes$ means Li tlie power of the State, a. 
this perilous crisis. ~ , 

While under the correcting hand ol Ule A,uiO>Btt i 
who for o'JT iniquities bus suffered tlie sword q be 
„nd.i. allied umong us, it is\our botmdeii duty to bum- 
ble ourselves before llim, And to imptoie rbS \W «J . 
and with grateful hearu io render Hiin pin- nafcigft- 
cd thanks for she general prevalence of health through- 
out tlie Stat«, ami for the pleasing prospect lie lues 
afforded us of a fruitful war, and ah ive all, " Wat 
Oierc uyetmarcy vridi Him, tl. Il< may b 

JVfapm, June 29. ^ V I , . L 1 A M JONESi 

The Committees sppomuid for evfty town in the 
State to inquire into mipiv^.anents of American 
seamen, cituens of this ♦Uau. niaoe them reports 
on friday morning. These reports, with Uie papers 

.. . iftrpanying, w t -rc committed to a CiJnimtfJfie i With 
directions to form a list of the whole number ot per- 
S-wjwho WOK reported tQ hue bc-.ii unii' — 
,., , »ertioiis appear to have becqina.b by ihcCom- 
mivtees to nscecUin every instance oi impsossment 

...,i .;■!.-, .not,. It appear* froaawe«sultol then in- 
quiries thai the number is very small. The inula' 
■ l ugs upon title iqiporiant subject il *u*be gtr- 

I, , o ui us the flommitiee have reported. 
The House of Rcpreswtrtivej-hsvs voted to - 
a ta^ of C30,000,lo be auportioncd bv the assesumi |« 
ea1 iblished in tlie year 1795, by which this to- a wdl 
be rohctednosr g400. This tax was voted u> defray 
tlie incidental expehces, and luchaa may bo mourvsa 
for the du-Ience, of tlie Slule. 

some tune been ■ lectin- I hi; - ■ ; 
with an inteCtion to MbicK ' L: ' 

On Uie 10th, bis arfsngeraenlff*«re ca 
in Uicmornin*.; of the UihTe- a' . 
a Spanish Corp., which Gen, !...[ . 
la .- and which threatened hji wght, iu much aj it 
supported our left rlank. 
In the sftei-noona consider able 

V audi regret teeav, ;■■■. sdon lb* mumatg 

of be 12 Ji the Spanjsli -.>.■■■ 

ed there lor iti di ferwe by '.he Spani a U-n.i i 

On the l2t)i at noon, Marshil Sccun I)*gs6 Itisat. 

tack upon the udvanc ■■'.■ posted 

in Itiir, lino • i. ■ i. .i". Who bid oidtrs tb -retire 

to Caatalia-, hut io dispute tht •• 

These cwhrii l,c exeeui 

aetivil) for lour hoiil- , though 

finitely superior In nuinb< . aid iccupiedthc 
which had been ass.^K I to hhn, 

ti-i the 13th, kthoon, ihe enemy fornte-c'> his columns 
of attack, composed of three divisiooB of ui(an(ry, 
(.commanded bj Generals ihsiw;, Hibert snd Ku- 
u„t 1 ll body o'f cavaU7 amounting lo.nt.irty 1500, 
and a formiitable traui el'artdlery. 

The position of the allied army was extensive. — 
The left was posted en ft stMBg-chaio af hojins, 
which were occupied b. Gen.,Wn*ri' -"i >"-'s SpKiush 
division, and the advanced guard cf tlie nlhci utuy, 
iindei Col. \.a*v. Ttie^u liviyb'* terminated -t Ca*- 
tttUo, which place, as Well as Mfgraucd on the right, 
Were occupied by GeB. Mi0Kxarsnrs ifivi ion ana as 
the 58lh regiment. The remainder ot tic poiitiesj 
was covered by a strong r-»inc, behind which . 
Gen. Clu>toS"Ws9 posted, supported by tbre*; battal- 
I ions of Gen. Rocc's division, as a qolums of i 
In this fine, and in the front of the- gastl« of CcclaUa 
vome biHteries were thrown up. 

The enemy necessarily had to advance Epon the left 
of this position ; widbisftrat movement was I i 
sage of a large body of cavakV along the/line fo tl.i-- -- 
en our right; which occasioned it W fill batk ; but 
thia movemsnt produced no effect. 

The ground for which me enemy directed, WJ8 UQi 
favorable fa? cavalry, and ns tlds movement had t-een, 
andcipated, the necessary precautions lead beui; 
\vlien the- cavalry had passed; about ball 
line of our infant rv, VlarsoalSvcutr advance ' 
turnn^ to tl-- foo"t of un. hoj^bts, and ,i n,n. 
fesseO^his troops attacked ibo v.lioleUne. H ■ I 
tbtmuvo uiileS and «yi i.aii in length 
of bravery whioh entitles i«iem 
however great tlie (r J ■ - ,J 

beJlg re pi 

net, and seft'ei in'g' very : r dc hi ' '' . ' - 

rcoops f I lowed tl 

on him With prceip ■ - 1 " u-t ac :ion with lew 

battalioiis ot reserve, which #exe fbund oil pre , 1 ins, 

Tne eavxlry whicli had -le-.»lj aovuuced along as* 

right, retired gTH tbeinfiujiry. The ^u* 

perioflty \>hieii lie had of ihis bgdy tuabtcd bim to 

make this movement, vrhtob othsrWlse he would had 

ocoj don io repent 

Having united bis ror.ted battidior.s with those of 

■In;- ,l,-.' 
■ General ivho 

up the fame, and secure the power of Uu> ! ported to have buW nMCdprcd m cold blood.— - 
. !. tders, they thoughtless- Yettio com)>Uini u preferred to the Unush 
■, , ,..;., toV their armSfWhich governineat (fer mj n I dUtioa threatened^- 

wore roush moi q offocttiai in securing and per- I No ! not even by an BdCWnjIwaOoa that does ; 

The Aurora gives a rdtivjp of the Aaoer caa offio I 

priaj <s of war, at Bamjori, near Quebec? June 

of which the Rrst is " Jv-u* Wisronsstsu 
General tJ. S. Armv." This i^ the nam 
was " kitted, >nv,; L f. ( , and SCALPEn." b. :> I - 
Hall and their allies, in th 1 very paiticular, aid a- 
tbeusand times rapeaqed accowits if the battle aear 
the /<ivcr H<uk< The puhhc will U'^rn -.mi.- Um< 
or other to esthnata Cw veracity of the-- pathi 
tales of barbarities, Stc. which are so common in die 
War- papers The tl awes of Hampton wa« first light- 
fed in* a democratic unner. . 

tlie r* serve Marshal bteaST took c**ition m the vaW 
Icy -. but it not being kinorvble to permit him to keep 
it, I decide*! to Quik tlie heights, and to form ihe lu- 
lled armv io Ins front, covering '.he right Sank with 
tlie eav-dry, and resting the lef: en the heights. Th« 
army advanced in two iincs wibe attack a great dls- 
Ufhce; but unfortunately Marshal So asi Was .l.-'.r- 
[i ii no 1 not to risk a second action with a defile in his 

The fine of the allies wis scircely forme! befire 
be began his retreat ; aud wi i ould do n6 more than 
to compel the defeated Prenati to repass the deri;c 
th-> had gladlycxossed ui the morning. The buttle- 
terminated at dusk of evening with a dUtanl but 
beavv caimooade. ( regret to say tliat we have no 
tpophiei to boast of. The encrny brought no a 
to the attack of the heights, and bisretrcal 

rapid, Uiat we could uui imd a ph Ori to charge h:m. 
Those picees which lio brought into service i ihe 
close of Uio dav, weit planted in U»,U>roat ol 
file, and must' have coal us the lives of many brave 
soldiers to have lakna 

\t ilinkUic allied wrny returned. u> us positon d*j 
Cattalta, as the encmr had reUsed for JWor ; froa ' 
whehoe at midnight be continued his retreat (be PW 
t,mui,— which place hi leu in gltat haste the next 
morning, directing his mi^cbupor. ft.*cflHari«.'a 
uid . i am tatiiUd, dial we have made a 

eonsiderahle dirnmution in his ranks i which,, 
tb4defca.«ofa Prcneh rtmy rt ■ ] ol I. "* 

rap- never suffered a reverse, wanot fail, J hope, of 
producing a favorable esTeet in Una part of the Fcmn- 
sul , ■ more especiallv, as that army, M I nai 
taid,tvas oommanded by Marshal aeesw in pe/eoa 

I have he*rd from sevt 
laps Inid died of his wounds from lA* hen u 
tlon I hive been able io eolbd 

my is mow 'han 30iK>. Heoo-.i- ...e been 

,,. ,, than 2,580. More than ■ • - 1 '*- 

weknow be earrledwiUi biis an UstBrense >■ . il r 
ofwounded, We lwdnaopn.-. 
oners, excepting Ihose who were wounded, a Ual * 
.., I,, m I bavenot ret roomed 

i un certain yoar ExcellencJ wul t 
. learning dtat 
livcol munvofourcomrade- 
> ,, | though SH oi -"-Ii (flalal . 

n-ebnew that losse' i re mtvitaW-; caw 
artcd with truth* tl 
,i..,i ■■■ [Allen, who iLfin&t proourc sglwi n end 

„, ■ I lift, in ihe o^ohargeol I. : 

; | H , King and hit country. 

raveaittl-judiqipus conduct yi i 
' r v,„,. ad mow I ■■ i srniy of a ahai 

) '■ ■' 

. , ,i, .:,'. , ., divisions ofGeneralsf i 

. ■ . -..,..\. 

formed the lines ol *iuick, 
■■■'- beJllbc Ha- 
ul .. ■ ■' ■' halS^ti ii ■ »« 

■ i ' ; 5? 

:-...- j ■ *. ** J - 

u r. .. ...i ..-, ndOcu (■■...* Si .. 

■ ■ I 
. nit ' ' ■ 

Vll , Q,M G.. . 


Ai the commencement of the battle the F.mperor 
».iid— "it ix the battle of J&rjU-good infantry, 

( .. TTI , r» thtfowof sJH 

U, 1 am directing my j sustained by aWOlc^sh^suffiee. 
4 ,- .'flwj,, *.,d hone, though nut with V. my 

. a ble to fcree the pass of .Hhgnido, 
m of the entrenched penidnn or 

.. rr th< 


In cnomv 

-lull have I'CachcU it 

rib of Gen. lUsu-rfc, |l 


trrnttf (.'j. 

(J ISfA. '/7k OetwrV 

nn/f, out »>' t" ■""■'. *""* 
.'...' j 1- r,.,'.,r„', $tii 

,'tij'ar, » ;.- (■ <■- -i. ll F.< <• tenant", one Eiih\ ', \j 

.", ami 44o private* -.rwndrd ,- 
and -W^ri-mfr' mitsi'n p, (•ttipwed to fiave gvne *Mfo 
fV wiintrp, q/ier 'riiif wpmifJuLj /( a/»e appear i by 
Me reruns*, th-.t the army btrfatVs a number of eoipi 
n dijfrr&U tliMQM i — Benin British, Spate 
I rrttenfa, (1 appnir* (here are 
Lrtt rjf fcer.n.jn(, FrriicT, Itatiartt, .\V«>j/i«in# onrf 

i ;■ 1 ^^^^^^^^^ 

Important Rnropenn News. 

j£7* O/irninj 



- ri"Ti i;i ;,ernwny. 
khhs i/m ACCOUNTS, 

Sim*, iit B, 1813. 
nprras apd Regrnt has 
.I the following news from the ar- 

ta 10,000 

JVotlmi, MM killed. Our loss aBiotml 
killed andfrounded; thstofthe eorJii) mi U'. w *T 
muted -i iSm 50,000. The/Prussian iroymlpurdj 
were dej&Oycd. ThaRaasinn imperial g*y™ »™- 
i.inl ,-uisideraMy; and ten r.-g.nieiiis O] Kussiun 

,,,,,,. i, >ra were crushed to pieces. 

j i, Princes offlfenr-annftMiW and -****"*"£ 
StrvftHo* Hid to berdfedimd tha Prin«es»>yn] 
uf Fra**itt woiuidce\ . _.„ ., A ,. 

T^licUarmj coosislingoffrorn 150,000 to 200 000 
nrn-h-.tL- beer, defeat^ Mid pht to the route by less 
jffui haTS Of the Frenth Army. . 

The vounj; soldiers, on seeing tl>c Emperor on tnc 
field of battle, compromised their erief, in erwng 
..!,!■- c i:-,nr. «w '•-■'/'V <-■<"»:> ?••"•'• ■"» ™ 

~ _ ■ . .. . I- ..,.1. .n-, ■.<-«. 

Frriirh .11 ;■><■«, 

Emperor, •* (Aof /Adtw eemman'ieA tfif 
I lutx-c not #ern «• »weA brtrverv mut ,L-vote'tn**>- 
Europr WOOld be tranquil, if tlie Sovore.p^H 
MtoiiteW who direct thdroibioetl bad been present 

on [hU fieldofBatUe. [// r f«»N;" , "" : ' «7'' j 
•riiey would rMwiuwc the hope ofmnkinp; nn '™f' 
rtam rctroKraJc. . TI.ey wotdd pertfcivc ttat those 
who counselled the dismemberment or Franwtot, rmgfor the ruin oftbbir sovereigns. 

Ttic Freri.-'n n...^.l in ■'1"" f ' ' "' 1 , a 

», vw.iel. ny 

SuAtalon. putanendto thiabatttei and thtalhctl 
^y bivouafeefl OB Hie field, 3lw 8d^tt««d over 
v.niiuin figliting w , 

& English Jccounts. 

" FOBBHiN OFFICE, «** 25, 1613. 

Bewitch from lorrlC.tfXCJPr, 10 Vi*count 

■, .»/',ii/6, 1813. 

mt m^-MV lost dwputehi » d your Lord- 

I BhipofthearrlTftlofthe ffw/fi ,.u1 ol the 

conWntratton d| his hwecs ncv Brjjhw* «nj l «7» 
the .Tflo/^, ttolwofthulofthe alltetupon the Ehttv. 

1 have novrthe honnr nl b» vri- nh i he^Hi. 
eial statement. «, ha«> bw» pnblahed by the 
Ku^ian and Pn«»i»n Covcrniuent*, of the gnieral 
action w-Mch.took iilkce on ihrtiinst. btweeen the 
iwo awniea i and ..i'u r vhieL »*e ajliea remamed m 
poamaion of the Hold ->f batri*. »>'! of the [Wron* 
fro.o which in Uie Course of tbe day Ihey bad dis- 

people <>! l*i n mJt- 

thy of tlie spleti tlt^l a piomwed »•. ""» 

let not th- people who ltrct« h tnit *< ll anlii to "• 
■ m iii.'ir confident*, 
"aoldiei Oni ■■■ •.'.»•■. il> t,)i k 'ii:sli..i th.mM'lves 
by their bold iliribja, and their atcad) oouoye-4el 
ui uniieTo Ihc* a-aflik* *iiiuc» the enthusiasm of 

nnliun li f . .iiul Don will protect our arniB. 


" At CarUcrana, Mr<tj 8, 181J." 



Of Ah ATujrstv the gtofitror, » ""■ ^™y. 
» n*tt»»n- !— 1 AM entirely salisfltd with 
tn'i'liiet. You hive ful&lk'd mj 
np|)|ie.l every tbiog inyo 

m\ : — 

i „.. haul . of rfV...«iJV*. and »f J.utttn are only 

vt importance 1 1.« 

fenpcroi Vu\>M:--n »nd (be Ktne of Pet***, «*o 

DAdttXvecd al /Jvj.Yr? with all their toroea, at tbc 

, , ., \ v ,]. i irning thai W Fit-neh lo.d 

pHried thtm*clv« before JnurinsY, adapted ihi p 

. , „ (he philns of Lvtsen, and i iwl a 

utotiOte tbnt portion j but *tm pre«lit- 

he rapid mowmenta ol'O.c Freneh a»ni jel 

U.rvp.r.^-cd m their projveta, «d r. tolved to at- 

iruiv. m order to maintain the position they 

n TKe pontion oftlw French arm) on the 

3d of M-v, -aty »*«loch in tlw morning, " w »* fw- 

Lows :— Th left or the army was on tlie t'/fi, ■-■ — ll 

u .* Ewmcd In tlie Viecror. batm- under lui cia.- 

Dund the 5th and UUi C0m*^-The centre «:« cm. 

morUil In Th.- Plftioc of.Masfrwo. at the v.llage of 

t'aia Tin Etnperdr, with the oh! and yminfr tfoard, 

*«re at / tbcDu*e offfojiae vai >n tbc<le- 

filr of /'«er/ia, and lormcil the niflit witb his Uirct 

division*; and »Scn Iti »tii*mi, e.iif.manding the 4th 

Corp*, nuiritn-il to iniii llic .1- file 

The eni in; m ' uvcmetit and passed the t/. 

tier, mm ■' /■"'"". f* i, and JSn/fs, 

H lS «,,t, . , ; nun nu'venient.and ibink. 

inghe ooVWonly attack unly thi< Id, ordered Gen.lar- 
m«Ti»i, hJmibc corps formed the extremity "1 tlie 
left, to aflpair to I*ipwie, in tlir end to disconcert tin 
brojeeH of tb« enomy, and to place the French arm? 
ui asituntiqn l«r the event of the 3d, in a poaition 
Idt.'r.'fit iVoin wliai the enemy t apected to 
■ .,ul tthcrc it was piTi«tivclyoiitlic2d U and 
tliu, i- .us. Dnnroston and diaoxda in 'Jwit eolumne 

uVhi-k in tin: morning, his Majesty lic:inn^ 
the cwin maduig near Leiprle, ri pairad Untlier st full 
fAUp Ti Bnomj deiended the little vilhtgr *F 
UMIDI, and tin bridges in jdT.i.w-e ..f Isip"C. nis 
Hajcaty s i\\i i a ^^ (or the mo'iK-nt wltvn pla> 
ce* should be carried, *o put bll whJearcuy ininove- 
incut in Uiia direction, >o wktie] Upon T*ip*it, pa&i 
. . in i.ikr the enemy i" 
oanfc ; but ^it lo -<'.'iuew tli. onetny's awny moved 
Knia,\ti Ban; columns ttlitfcr th« advanti\p: 
of cxtrvtur daVlUMSA 

TbeenKnij premnted rqreci ftbich appeared ho- 

nvct\se — Tin- Bn^*rror i luitel) mldc Ins sniuWD- 

i , ,- . I ofdurs to repair "> die 

laA of the Prince of Ab ■. '■"■' i took b'nnfliree 
builf. to ■ I . . i .«., 

Jan mr,k mrau, sad " i'!i hi* P'< uiv(»i'»n» 
^. i_ ir - ii hofir bctame 

•erridl- Ri \t ji biaiaatfi ■' , 'he head of the 
pjard, behind the centn Of Hj* army, sustained tl» 
(he Prirwc #f .V-i^ TlieDoke ol fffl- 

gtwe, wi'li lii^ tltroc dit ui s, oceupied the extreme 

riAt <Wn. RotTimn hod orders to eepair to the 
i»ar of tiirencinv-'v nnnv, ..t the moment vhen the 
line was tlit most vvsnoly tnpiprd Fortune WM 
pleased to croft n, with the must brilliant success, all 
these dispositions. 

Tiie en F.-in%,whtiappe:irc'iecrtni»i of sacn-ss, marri- 
ed to turn out ££)>'-, »nd to K»in tbt ro.-d af Jr..'»- 
«n/e(d*( G-L-n.Coio-AS*, uGcncrnl of lite firti merit, 
at tii'.- liLud of tli^ hrst divuiun of the Duke ol Bfl- 
y-«#-, stopped id! afaort. Tin- regiments of murine* 
.. chare*" with «in^/r*;d, and covered 
thentviof battle *idi the lirfti cav«by*or the ene- 
■lyi Ehit the grand efforts ol the infiotry, tav.dn 
and artill'iy, were m the centre. Four <if the live 
divisions of the Prine . of .Mo ' ii arerc idffj&d) en- 
gaged. Ttic riUan oF ATtB'o wsa taker .md rctakrii 
kijit tfane Tbfl rUlafje rrmajned i Ke pnwer of 
the eneuiT. The Count i<f Loiean directed Gen. Rt- 
GsaDto retalu thcvnisgc; itwaaretakra Tlu Itni 
of battle <itcupicd Uto league*, cotond with hrr, 
witb mnsketa, »ud clooiU ui du*: Tlie Prince ol 
fWbsfrtn, Gen, Sooaast, and Gen. Giitinn. wvrr ovcrj' 
svhere nwiiig ; i" battle Wounded with mint balls, 
Ocb fttftsnn reaolrcd lo itmnin upon the field of 
bottle —n docberod himself willing to die when 
commandite hi* tr6opi, at tliL' time I'^d arrived for 
ihc Frcuch who had UiG heart, to • nnb,tier ■>(■ perish. 
v..w <m i>. gjui to perceive at « distance the dim 
and first fire of G«n. BaaTJtsao — instaotly Cbe Fice- 
rsiv eotoad tliL hue uo ilit left ; :nwl the Dube ol 
Termite msieked til reserve ul i 1 " enemy, i-nd char- 
gud upon tlit riJIage where the enemy auftported hii 
ri^ht Ai tin* time the eneiuj redoubk A '*^ cfibrtl 
upon the centre Ttefilhwre ,ii A'ote «im carrieda- 
train. Our cnitrc «.k broken — tome bull lion dbl- 
I tnetnsef«cs j but thcs< ralormu raiUh,*ttbjt 
sight of ilit Emperor, rallied, crying vive? 
rear. Kia Majesty, )Ud|rin(( Dun the < risii had arnv. 
^ whii invrlossol battles, did «bj 

■ ror ordered Uie Duke of 
Ti-evitf to repair with lo butbJions of the VvuMg 
Qnarvti lo the Villap ol A'uin, to overturn the ene. 

.,..'■. ■ -. and deatfoy every iliiii^ 

they tn tod there Vt tneaomc time, his M ijcstt "i-, ,ii.'. .11,.1.1-n liiivnr, (an otneerw the ■' ■ lied * bauery or<*ipie- 

ecs, ji ' ... ■' '.i iii advance ol tht "IJ jruard, 
i'. .. Ji.|)....l in, eobclQB, as four rvdouota w 
uwtuVn .he cuntn — M ou envub*) wsa r.uunid in 
b,ail I OuaaeitT, bttror and Uu ■ ■ 

stArtet fill gsdWpt with the ' i" 1 1 

Tlie T... ■ i ii. I lie ■ .ii ■ : n\ ill I i. n ..ll 

aide*. Tac Daue «d /' ■■ rricd, witlurat fhing 

a ijttn, L drove tile enemy at 

..._'.. fbe u 1 -lr, , ■■i'iM ri and 

- led. <>«. K'iv<i r, ciiimnaiui. 

■■; ■'.. ii ;.. ..i .',■ 

■ iMn . to make a iDov.-iiKiit on bin 1 

Slate, to succor the centre Hi su iiui I mail] ''...- 

gir-i of the e . Lt the esicny cipcf lOiccd 

B. fiv I'jjsef- 

lu the mean time 0*n Count Bvutsssjo ailriiaccd 
Upon the line, It ««, in Weill ttiut itic menu's . ml- 

ty ir-hoeled iw j q i 

Hi* inarch was i-j p impeded — Hie Bnpn u ., ,' 
edtachaoge uf the direction, by srHcoliogon jtlttiw 
Jl llic right made i chaste *f fiont, the right ill 
■*. 1 . 

Tlie enemy Bed— trTC pursued then) a league anij tiii 

half.— w .,, ■ i.i the 'i>/itiit thai the 

Emperor lUcVivin.i, tin lvin>; ut" F<- :l , ,_ . jn j n„. 

£randfbfur; Cam if j <•-.- tliu ii.iltli An 

• otnctr, (\ yn,on i'J r/liOQl We (bund tl 

■J .11 tUt ■.■■TfJllY." Ill ■ 

W« hwt made man] tbouaaod pritonen: bit the 

i^ould not be rgneatar, Mtrladefing tlie irdVn. 
i oiu '^>ai/j,-id Ik* dsflire of vh« rSttnperor 

to *pareit 

hthOl V»u huvc 

.ordiulitv and bravery. 

you have i» the fflorimw-da] of the 2d" Maj defeated 

and put t« flight the armies of Rvin and Prv'tin, 

eommamU-d and led on hv their Efflperor and K'np;. 

y,,u hare added new lustre to the hrJlEancy of my 

(airlca You h*"" evinced "hat Fiviirhnun arc capa- 

M...I .diicving. The b«ttleof/.«f«'n*rdlherealier 

t beTanlKdwith**H*tarHfs/pf- ? entfi of *Vfr(ffondand 

I nfJieiiiM. In the hst campaign the enemy cetild 

| find no refugr apainst owe arms, but in recurrmg to 

I the rerocious and burliiirous conduct of ilieir anecsv 

tors. The legions of. Tartars have devastated thn> 

eoontrv, and destroyed their cities by flPOJ Without 

•paring even their Holy .*fo«re»D ■' Tlicy hare iince 

advanced Within our confines, abetted hy the traitor- 

oui and aband'med nbjeetaof GerMutny. of IiaUi, and 

uvea of France. Tlietf have crird tip a synlem of re-— iht-v baTcdiaM-'rainated the -Mrfori of futawhy, 

of civil War, of murder. Tiny huvc shewn llienische* 

apostles of nil kinds ( ,f crim'.nalily. 

" It i« a mnral ,1' "ell aa physical ineendi.irv that 
would devaKWle hv siBDrd and fire the countric* be- 
KTcntlie Vimrta and uw; /thine, in order, according 
tn the tyslcm of harbatsttR and tmnnic Uovernmenti, 
to interpose deserts and desolation between thun and 
our ai'nying troops. Insensate barbarian* ! ihej feel 
nn ,n ,. hrni al to their Sovereigns ; they esteem M« 
th,' spirit, the order, and tjie good sense of r.rni.ois 
—they even seam to forget die power and the braver) 
ol Lhi I .null. 

'* In a stm-jr ii,\ ton have" frustrated these parn- 
ei.i.l pmjecU ! you drive b.n k ih<- Tartar hordes into 
ili ii rrightful eJimate, wltosc bournes thca never 
shnnlj have pawed, Tbry shall renvufl in i*" It icy 
ii. ■.( !■;>, the fit shodi of il.ivirv, barharjmi. and cor- 
nipiinii, "hire man is degraded to the level of the 
hint. ' You lave » ell deserved nf civilised Burefe 
Roldicn! fiofy, J'runee, and Germany, render ynu 
(hair cnrdiaJ ihsuts, 

" C\\*. rtouT imperial camp at /.urten, 3d M»v, 
IflJ. fx&edj NAPOLEON'." 

iodLred the ciunn , 

The last division of Crnenl Tons, «,irrs corps 
having crossed the Etbt on ike ^Sth ult, the Whole 
ol it moved forward by fnrcfld matches to the Si- 
tter. His Imperial Majcstv nml UlC hing of /*r«*siii, 
arriscd at Bnrim on the «iorninp 'it'll* 1st instant 

rania, xir 15, IB1.1. 

Hct Majesty ihe Empress, ice. has received 
rya from the army to the 10th at night, 

Ui the yih, ihe lit u>l bridge, director, Umi ' r. 

for a hndce at P 


-of tin en- 
and the ap- 

d to 

be(ron to replace d fbrmerl r ?o-nnd-<ow, (un va et vlent) — 300 vn] 

ti^uars paasid over to the right hank, protected hy 

JO f,ir-er+ *>/ emanoa, Ai JO. ilui emttir «J-»1*-<<1 : 
[Jk esntionade began. ;'nil tJiree batlalinns w re tlr~- 
I roved b* our grape. Jf.e fc'/i.p-ror haneiwd la ihe 
tfiet. We bad estublishrd a battery to llie amouiitof 
80 pieces , and "iir Tir>(Ilenrs sheltered fheniSelvea 
in a linllow, in tlie form of a fefewfe-/»onr.— After hav. 
inpr frnm 12 to 15 pieces of cannon dismounted, and 
losing from 15 to 1300 i% n, the enemy discovered 
their folly, and marched off t\*e wonted all night 
ai ihe hri<V. r . bill the /.'/Ac rose, and the bridge could 
not be finished that night. 

On the 10th May the Emperor sent GflinawvnaVf 
divisios into the new town.hv the bridge nf Arenfe't ; 
and tlie bridge bring finished, the whole army is Dhss- 
ing tin- Sv"". The eneniv is retrrsting on 1he O'Jrr. 
Marshal Nit [prince ofJwwfcara_), is at iftlierdiwgt 
Gen l.At ui-ros, jt T.jiv««.— four arp, aTarmU will 
pn. 'i the hridn-e of Dmiten to-niorruVV. The guards 
ITS ui.iiin.l Drusdffn, One division is at .iltenburtr. 

The Kiny of -Viliohij goes to Drfnlrn, his capital, 
to-morrow, escorted by 500 men. 2000 of the ene- 
my's cavalry have been cut off from tlie Elbe, with n 
great quantity of haggare, tight ii-unp*, and Cossacks, 
and appear to be inarching nn Bohemia. 

rsms, Mir 17, 1813. 
Her Majesty has received news from the 
army of the l lth Mm, 

Ttti. \ iceviiy was at Httchafwrtlrr ; HriiTmsn 
lit /l'a ■ in>«»r«f<* i the DoVeof RairiiMa (MmnoMT)at 
HafJttnft-iteh i H'tke of Hrp-tfo (OintaoTJ at Dres- 
drn ,- with Ihc o|d and new guards. 

Tin- I'rincc of JUbtlhMf on the 11th, was on tUr 
ri^'ln of tin- Elbe, J day's inareh from Tarirnii Mar- 
dinl Vhtoh and Gen. Sgdastmsti t)far WitUnbarg. 
t'.cn l.irniii Munmn'i at Drettfrn, the f tilt. Gen. 
Ki.snn c'.iiuipjii'ls 1 '2,000 Saions al Torjou. 

Great oxertlons have beeh mad.- in r, pair the aew 
hnl-. of Dresden ; an.l a stout tete -de-pant has h.t n 
traced nut W defend it, and cover the new town. 

riflia, war 19, ISli. 

Uer Mnjosty has received newa from the 
army to the 12th May. 

ii. o.i 12th tli- Knfteror reviewed the imperial 
Guards nn tin- road from WMa.lo Cfast-Gnp/en, (near 
Difnlen :) mi which diiy tlie. King of Saxinu arrived 
,.i /)., tdem. The two UVerelgpl embraced, and tin n 
entered Breaks at tberfacau of the ttUards, amidst 
the sccUmatious of an [mmenac papulnftoii 

The s.,ini : . 1 . . s. j] 1L - Bmperor reviewed .WOO hnrse 
from twjf ; and was t stiemely well sat'mfied with 
tin in. 

The K-vyu'rcr has ordered Thf. Viceroy 
iq i« ;[] .I. -tn 1/./..H, .ui ^ special misaion. Mi*. 
conduct durinej the whole cemTBugn has ac 

with the resenr i and the *»fal V<^" "*' tlie army 
were, on the same diij eollecuvl m the vienmgeof Uiat 

Marshal PrineeJCBTBttsorr SsmiWSCi was left ill 
on the march »t 9uBl*tau, udicre In died ; hut his 
death was not pohVislied. Onui.t Un- IX, it 

that time at Zwniviu, was appoinied to eointfianu 
the army- • - i , , 

He had on that dav n eoimoitcred the enemy, anil 
nserclaincd his position ; and the same evening a 
disposition Was Siadje for a general nttaek, tu take on the following roorniiig at day-bmA 

During the piTCedrng wed, tin' >dt Slice I 

envy's main army fowards «JVj»iftMr. 
proacli nftlRawaaaots From |?MffdKhoioy had hem 
indicated hy sererd skirmishes and partinl afiairs, 
particularly at and near f/n/frand F *firafrStirj'i where 
the r'russians heha'edwith great gnllantry. 

On the evening rf the first, the rnnm appc 
havegrcat masaesifniB force between I.nt: 
rrW«enfrZ», and anfrdusk U strong column was se... 
i.ioving'iji the direction of /,«/>«>, to which place 
Iheren-fls clear etyiencc that he intended to move. 

The advance roipsor Goimt WirarMn^'i Wmj 
lisvtnrbeen engaged on the same evening, to the 
East and North of /.utwn, the cavalry of it remained 
there to amuse Ihaennny m th. moraine;, but wKh 
orders ti. rclire gradual ft. Meanwhile the several 
column* of the armv were ordered to cross the £frfer 
r.t Pr^ati, and bear dow n, and to follow the course of 
a rivukt, which, r,sing near the F.Uier, runs in a north- 
west direction to tbc Satilejby which movement, which 
the ground favored, it wax intended to turn the cut. 
mt 's rigiit lictveccn Wti**epf*\* imri tArtSfn, while his 
at'tention was directed to. Ins left between the latter 
place and Leiptia 

A* soon as then- Ma j. -lie* law tbe troops placed 
according lo the deposit ion, thf whole was put in mo- 
tion beards ilicemmy. 

The country it uncovered sndopen, the soil dry and 
lipht, but with very considerable variety of hill and 
valley, and much Intersected by hollow ways and mill- 
streams, ihe former not disccmable till closely ap- 

The enemy, phced behind a long ridge, and in a 
string of vdlages. of which Goriehen is the principal, 
with a hollow way in front, and a stream sufficient to 
float timber on the left, waited the near approach of 
the Allies. 

He had an immense fjuantitr of ordnance, of 12 poun- 
ders, and largrr natures, dimibulcd throughout the 
line, ami >n the village* ; the batten- s in Uie open 
country were supported by masse* of Infantry in solid 

The plan of operation detevmined upon, on view of 
rhrmcmr, ms t4 himI; ihesilUge nfOwBuw*" 
with artilkrv and irdadlry, and In the menasFfcifc to 
pierce the line to the cneiuy'i. right nf the villages, 
witb a strong column of cavalry, in order to cut off the 
troops in the villages from support. 

The remainder of the enemy's line was to be engag- 
ed, according to circumstances, hy the corps opposed 
to it. 

The cavalry of Ihe Prussian reserve, to whose lot 
this attack fell, presented themselves and supported 
their movements- wilh weal gallantry, but tlie showers 
of grape-shot and musketry, to which tlicy were-eapo- 
sed on reaching the hollow way, made it impracticable 

British House of Commons 


Mn. Alderman ATKINS presented a peti- 
tion from tlie Merchants, Planter*) ke. in Zj>n> 
don praying fur the exclusion of American 
Cotton from nil the Britioh ports. He iib-sei v- 
ed, the measuu* prayed for would tend to 
encourage the cultivation of Cotton in our Col- 
onies, and those of ourallies; and be the mean 
ol preserving our precious metals at home, as 
bullion, and not merchandize, was now the only 
medium through ■which we could pay for Amer- 
ican Cotton. 

UER, in answer to a question put by a num- 
ber, observed, that in any proposition be had 
or should make on the subject in debate, he 
should not have revenue in view; — his object 
being to press upon the country which had de- 
clarer! war so prematurely against us. He 
thought, however, that the rigid blockade of 
the American potto wan more efficacious than a 
prohibition by law,nsiuiotiuily shutout Amir- 
ir:,n Cuinnun-e from 1 1. is, but from all other 
countries, He was, he said, desirious ot l»y. 

ing restraint!! un llic produce rjf America so 

long ".is we were excluded from her poita, aha 
he wan anxious to ascertain, the opiuiah oi tner- 
cahiile men upon tbc stibjei t. 

Mr. BARING Said, tbe Merchants -wanted 
art assurance, that if tiny could not obtain A- 
merican Cotton that it sbtnihl also be excluded 
from their rivals in that manufacture It is 
true we can work with other Cottom, but if tlie. 
aac American Cottons at 

qturcjd (or him n m 
of the Emperor. 

litle to the confidejice 

■m M The liiii;.i- ss Regent has ordered 
a '!'■ f. ■■.'.! to I- sung, Tor tie- irictnry at l.Htzcn. 

One of lhi " . i mtt i.i lite Empress st_,t, ., i|, t \ nur 
I.. .• (<././,/:, the bih Ma*-,4tfrom 3 to fiJU— Hie 
ooi tivj (OOP, 

& Gentian Accounts. 

naninr, fpi-ntmia ' t<i 11. VTe have n port 
• l <* ijmitli Ii sheen fought st Zwcniemi, in which 
i have been s'mceavftiL \ general nd 
Little in s I,, expected ttyday or to-mn 

, , r, in h The oiiMiined RirHUUI and Tins. 
. m in.;, .11 e iu>« in ;i -tnnig | «; :.i.,nvJong the I'.lbe, 
where rhej aw ii< n nf'j/i i ucnti, 

i.Kni.iv.v ,» 8 Orderdliave been given lor a levy« 
en-mosi nf nil the citizent, to oppose th» French. 
Yi ■ ■ rday a rivefl btyo 430 Pre .■ b ■ 

1 Wlii oTv .'i-s, three pieces of cann 1 turn- 

lnii 1 * ken by fJfii. Bv&ow, al rYaWe. 
. i.rir-o , sits \. The grrt 
fouglii with ihe Htm .si ..'. 
ileal number of n 

them to penetrate ; and the enemy appearing de- 
termined to maintain the milage* at any expenec, the 
affair assumed the most expensive character of attack 
and defence, of a post repeatedly taken, lost, and re- 

The cavalry made several attempt to break the en- 
emy's line, and behaved with llie most examplary cool- 
ness and regularity under vervhe**y fire ; in snme of 
these attacks they auccecdid in breaking into the 
squares and cutting down tlu infantry. 

Late in the evening. Bo sarisTE having called in the 
troops from /, and collected all his reserves, 
made an attack from his left nu the right of tbe Allies, 
supported bv the fire of several batteries advancing. 

The vivacity of this movement math- it expedient to 
change the front of the nearest brigades on Uie right, 
and as the whole cavalry from the left was ordered to 
the right to turn this attack, and to elurgc it, 1 was 
not without hopes of wittievHiug the deitruction of 
llns ipsHtT. and all hi* jnuy ; but before the cavalry 
could atiive, 't liecanir so dark, Ihat nothing could be 
distinguished but tbc flashes nf (he guns- 

The Allies remained in possension of the disputed 
villages, und of die line on which the enemy had stood. 
Orders were g» en to renew Uie attack in the morn- 
ing, bm the crtcm v did not wait for it, and it was judg- 
1 d i ipedient) with psfeeence to t£a g< neral posture of 
the cavalry, not to pursiir. The wouuded have all been 
K-111111 ed across the pHe t While ihecatmnn and prison- 
ers taken, and tlie ground wnsted from the enemy in 
ibe nctioOj are inconicstihle proof* of the success of 
the Allies. 

Doth Sovereigns were in the field tbc whole day — 
The King wasehiefly near the village where his troops 
were engaged. The Kniperur Wat repeatedly in every 
part or tlie field, where he was receive 4 with the most 
animating cheers by every corps ^approached. The 
fire', tO whir h bis pi ismi T . .. i ' nnli- jnootly exposed, 

and the casualties wliirh tmiW pla>-i- near him, did not 
appear in the least to disturb In, attention from the ob- 
ji 1 is to which it was directed, and which he followtd 
without any ostentation. 

BeA WiTfun'TiM, with ihe army, is between the 
HIV and the Ehter, with the cniumaud of several 

bridges over the brrasn 

The Russian insop. of all arms fully restiaed the ex- 
pectations 1 hud formed of (heir bravery and ateadi-s 
nest, and llie emulation and spirit of patriot ism which 
p. 1, idea tin army, uicriti the highest efieo- 
■ niiunt- ! hue the honor l» be, fcc. 

(Signed) C VTMCAKT. 

The letrd Viiraunt 0*»tli ar »nn, Cit.iie. 

[tine folio*.* t\e Russian and Pnisjian ttaitmentt •>/ 
tlui battle ufU\ns-C,w*i;hvn,vhirhJtni already been gi\- 
m m ilt, &ar-3(C}*Wolnave not seen this statement. — 

suEnrv uaaucao**, n iT , is, 1813. 

Yesl- iday tbcCrovvn Pri»ec( Ukhnaootte) 
embarked from Iwuce for Orrmdny, On his ! 
ili paitnre be issued a farewell address to the 
Sw.;ish Army ilS tie intcik:' m which he 
tells them In- w.ts goiri^ tn take the command 
of tbe army in f'^merania. He concludes his 
address thus; — 

SntaiS"" ! 

s.t b.itile of the ;.l iv*. t " A NKW career of glory, and so Trees of pro- ;".■■, - 
>-i iiuioy. Sat. 11 ton had 1 ity. arc opening tr. our cuntry. Trc«tie-> founded 
1 the .iln* «. ic tunori- 1 upon sun mi policy, anil vluoh narethe trtnijui 

Continent can purch: 

jx or ten pence, while we pay 2 f for 
Cottons of an inferior quality, we eaimot enter 
into any competition with them. Hv Feared, 
the blockade nns not effectual; *3 it was not 
geographical, and wanted general combination. 
It was merely a blockade of tbc C/iemiftrukr, 
Delaware, Cter/esKsti Savannah. tsV. and not 
of all the Cotton ports, which might send' out 
their commodities to all Europe, He believed 
that vessels had arrived at Ply'm&utJt and J.iv- 
rrnool since it was instituted. — It appeared that 
the government did not think the subject so 
important as it was felt out of doovs, or they 
wanted conceit. Lord Liverpool had revis- 
ed all licences, which a few days am 1 were 
granted by the Board of Trade. Such in. cer- 
tainly, he said, was very injurious to mercantile 

Mr. CANNING was happy lo heat that po- 
litical and not financial object*; w&i the dhd of 
the propositions of the It'. Hon. (i.ntlenien, 
Asfar'asthe policy was hostile to our enemy, so 
far was it wise. He denied the theory, that we 
ought to procure our raw materials wherever 
they were to be had a\ the cheapest rate, 
without considering what advantage our pur- 
chasing from our euemies might coufej on 
Is* oDtCctod 10 ihe posi-ers given to llic 
Board of Trade to grant licences, as ruinous 
to coleaml speculations. He agreed that the 
blockade was the most fair, open and manly 
system ; but that it had not been sufficiently 
nopficd to foreigners ; and that it left several 
Cotton ports open. It was still more imper- 
fect, as naval or military purposes might at any 
time call off the blockading force, at the dis- 
cretion of the commanding ofllcer; and then 
such a sudden influx of cotton might arrive 
from the liberated ports, as would be dehtnic* 
live of all colonial speculations. A t.i* don 
restoration of peace would also have tbe same 
effect. In my opinion, said Mr. C. our meas- 
ures ought not to be made contingent on peace; 
and to prolong the restraint on American Com- 
merce would be wise and just, since in this War. 
it was universally acknowledged that Jtmrrica 
was tbe aggressor. We must then pursueonr 
measures with vigor and certainty, ami pluck 
from an offensive proceeding of our foes the 
means of augmenting our internal prosperity. 
He hoped no lime would be lost in bringing 
forward the measures. 

Mr. PHILLIPS objected- to the meaftufes 
proposed, as it would raise the price of Cotton 
50 or 6t» per cent, above (he awrtge. Amer- 
ican Cottons, he s^id, was finer and better, than 
our Colonics raised, and if the importation »f it 
was prohibited for three yeas aftCf the 
ed, it would find its way to other countries and 
destroy all our competition in Curopean ma 
luis. , All that is wanted is to make the I.. ^k- 
ade effectual, and not suffer a pound of Cotton 
to escape while denied toourownmsnuf ctuies. 
Mr. MANNING was in favor of tbe strict 
blockade, and even high duiics,and the encour- 
agement of our own Colonics and Allies, in ad- 
dition. It was our duty to deal with those who 
deal with us, and not with America, which bad 
refused, all mutually beneficial intercourse. 

Mr. F. FOSTER said, the hostility of the 
present American Government had been ever 
aimed at otir trade. It was therefore our duty 
to retaliate by simitar measures. He perfect- 
ly coincided wilh Mr. C. tliat even as a point 
uf initiation to be given up, it was most ad- 
ritenble to have measures lo meet alt then s. 

Sir R. PEELE said the profits of the 
Cotton trade were very threat, that w, QUghj 
to purchase American Cotton ; and thru it was 
better to pay a little bullion there for that which 
wi 1 mild manufacture and export to so much 
advantage as to enable us to pay all our sol- 
dier* abroad 1 than to send bullion to tbe Conti- 
nent for tbe payment of these forces, 

Sir W. CURTIS was perfectly dear, that if 
enmSuragemonl tnu given to our own en' mic's", 
to our allies, and loour Fast' India possessions, 
we need fear no want of cotton for our manu- 
factures. There Was plenty in the country few 
the consumption of one yenr, and lonj- before 
that expired, if we acted wisely, we might have 
enough for all future purposes. He had seen 
at fine cottons front Uje late of Tlourl/oji as the 
I.ra cotton of America. Wc therefore not onlv 
havn sufficient, but of the bost miality, without 
♦providing our ooemicswith the sinews ofWar. 
lie would never ox^r-nt to encourage tha en- 
ejmc^f^^r^fu^J^^nvcAui^n «ju 

dcormmed enemies, and they should always 

f,n M ? I ^SCELLES wasafrvid that if we did 
...... the American cottons, other nations 

U 1 ™ iniurTiinourmannfactares. He 


lud abandoned his Rj^-l^Ss^MllIM 

again explained, and restated Ids MOWF*- 
He. wasnot decided a* to the prohibmon of A- 
merican cottons. The qucst.or. was of a com- 
mercial as well as of a political un tore (as fur 
its finance operation, that was cntuely laid out 
of view) and in the former point of considera- 
tion, the great object in his mind wis. that in- 
terference in mercantile concerns oflen did 
move harm than good. As a political measure 
they were all agreed, thstif the blockade could 
be carried effectually into execution, till they 
could bring the Americans to terms of ticgoti- 
ali*>n,it would be by far the wisest and best pol- 
icy. He had been told, that a geographical 
bluckede would be more effectual, and hjS ac- 
know ledger it ; but wc had no right by the law 
of nations to institute such a blockade against 
America ; for America had not yet become 0- 
penly a party to the Continental system, whicli 
wan our only ground for adopting this course 
towards France. — Wo J.-d notified the block- , 
ade.astoall ports wc could completely shut, 
and the Commanders of the Fleet might occa- 
sionally institute local blockades, as circum- 
stances required. Thus every port south Bf 
Rhode* fulutid wuuld be put in a state of block- 
ade. With respect to the mistikc in granting 
one or two licences, it was pcrfeCtlv true that 
after they had been refused by Loid Liver/toot 
they were obtained from the Noble Lord at the 
head of the Board of Trade, which arose from 
that Noble Person having been absent from town 
from a heavy domestic calamity, and being for 
the moment unaware of the determination of 
the Noble Earl. This, however, was now coin- 
plenely remedied: As for tbe arrivals which 
had been alluded to, he know nothing of them. 
If the statement was correct, he accounted for 
it by the circumstance of these vessels having 
sailed from America before the blockade was 
instituted. He concluded by expressing the 
happiness it would give him, could all OUT difr 
frreneei wilh Amtri-a be settled. 

The petition was ordered 10 lie on die table. An- 
other petition from the sMppping interest, ol. Uie 

sume sulijeCl Was di 



».»..-.■», itLV I, 1813. 

War iti Canada. 

SEVEllAI, accounts from the westward have resell- 
cd ns, which state thst on the 5th hist Ueueswl 
BuiDsenta detachment of about 930 men, under 
I'-il. BoaasTlxs, and C'.pL Cuin.s to Jteutcr Dam, 
about 7 milts la the rear of Qafefttnvfi ; wlura \ntf- 
Were ni't bv a lliitish force, and after su engagement 
of ahfiiii one hour und :m hail, were overthiown, sr.d 
captured -, excepting a few soldiers who «• raped, and 
from whom the tidmgs'havc been n-eciyed ereoi. 
bie gentlemen. This is just ns we rteejved it. 

The army at Fort t.'eor-re is slated to tontlSt of 

35UU men, under Gen. Ilotn— tlen. Dtsuiioa* being 

iiniidl intake the aduiil aomimuul. 





IS W.i 


".•PUfiNCH papers to the 20lh May, arrived in 
Portland 1 und fjondon Gumiss* to the 27th received 
hets*. c«ine to hand yesterday, and furni&h tlir Pari*' 
JHoiiiteur statemenis t and the- Artglo-Blfsainn othriat 
accounts'cmnineneementnf tlie Cain, 
paign in Germany hy a'C£NER\I, 0ATT1.B. fotighl 
on the 2d .Mail, at I.vUen, in Xarony ,• in which both 
armies claimed llie itdvaptacje. The narratives are 
so much in detail, that we 'have no room for a sum- 
miiry. We state merely, that both Bmpcrorn were 
present 1— That the ctimhatUknts were not short 
of ihree hundred tlKutiiind ;— That ihe French sc- 
Counts admitted (hcv had 1U/HHI men killed lUid 
wounded ; hut that Uio loss of tin- allies vrna from 
25,000 lo 30,000:— That tlie Pienek staled too, that 
they made many thousands pmuneri, but during the 
ten fnlhiwinp' days they had not stated how many— 
nor mentioned the name of a single officer, nor of tha 
capture of a single piece of artillery, nrstundard. On 
the other hand, llie allies asserted, lliat tliev remain- 
ed on the- held ol" battle Uie night following ; — that 
they were read) to renew il the tu;st dav, which the 
Preach declined ;-*-that they i>.nd tl..- French posi . 
tioirs 100 strong to be carried i— that they could not 
biin|r their numerous cavalry into piny against thc.s-e 
positions ; oud that, therefore, they retreated to the 
/'//"', wl.ich the; crossed in good order, near Drt*. 
1/1'n, on (he, 8th ; and that the) expected to meet their 
Hinliirecments, under Toswrot, on the plains] be 1 ween 
UlC f.lbe and— wher» it Was expected llic fate 
of the campaign would be decided. >XaMt,Ko* f ,ia 
I. : : ', .l:ir.-srr t-; 1;-' u-ildlj.- inliinales Iss sycrsioC of 
put suing the Ilussians to their "frighffiU dimute," ' 
(O^lherc had been some severe dcsnltovy fipliting 1 , 
with yanod success, before and after Uu.- r.rcut Mjt- 
tle, of the 2xi o-, \\ K J.owor- Elbe, Ua-itturr hid 
b--en nsswiilcd, i^rd the Dan* . ioterTerc'd lo prc- 
vuiit the French from i-e-ciuermK il, The last ai.- 
counis stated, that rhe Fix' conBentcd Uiat tbe 
Danes should occupy Uiftt p'riy, 

CO^n-the 12th May, (last datel, Uie Fiemb F.m- 
perw'a 11.(1. were at Drerden, (flbdut 50 
miles from the scene of the Groat Haute), where N'a. 
ruLios llad tarried two or three dav,, The II q, of 
tbc allied armies were not stated in ih. f'A-itr.h p.i- 
ppfs. Tlwir rear-trnard left Mw-Ih-etden, the ltith. ' 
The- Viceroy of Ita-ty bud been sent on s'apeda] init- 
sion to ita'n. The King- of Saxity bad W turned u» 
his capital. 

(TjrThB conduct bfAtiltrta continued mysterious ; 
bin tin Pt-cricli iccourrts do not take the least nolico 
of her. 

j Th« Swedish Crown Prince, (Briiv*iiiiTT,), nt 
last, had Udi Smmbtn, ta eonaainnd bis .run mPom- 

\Ve find but little mention made of American 
.-.ffiuiT ":;.^pr.i:..' :r.<\v debate v,l .\\ We have 
copied. Some additional troops bud been se * 
to Canada, Not one word has met our ie- 
SWY I' "i, t|, e subject of the RtlMlan Media- 
tion; excepting in extracts ii-oni (\mericaii 

'i .' Pheoflhfinl aecnunt of the capture of the Pitm 
•■oil. had been published. 

Ve are indebted to 

Yot,^„,nr/* 0( ,„ nl , uf 

he polite attention of Mr. 
(.V.//) :i passen^urin fj 1 

1 in Ewland. tor s 111.- of Englith papers to 

th*27UiMay, forivhiebhe willhe pkns, d to accept 
,our iliank, M,. tt* vlJt ol Pmrtitmiah, nnaUivrpa - 
has Despstahss for ihe Secrctajj of stat.', 
winch have bej.n ssan on to H'<i «/.;»»-'»». 

■ ■a>n lB .i 

* 'wre were reports in circulation ol a Ncpro liisur- 

^■"■■■- s,, ,,;.-(;■, „,'..„; ■ i.m ,.., ue|cla8no e<iu- 

1 tion oflhcm has beeh received. ' 



. u UI4UVII ..ii tneni oeen rcreivcn. 

The RrifiLh Blockading Squ^drui' In 
at the date of the latt accounts, wins 1> ins; oil'. 

c re of the P« 

,_Thf IblWing sombre pit- 

n t state of our country, wan re 

lived fro"* l,,L * 8tat ofGDVcnune " t .f''oiiil 1 ij;i l 

<■ IfofWuyien, Jane 3*8",' I813, 

business seems to btTtn a slate of i' in . 

'llir President and the CHtdnnan nt' the 

authority H- 
ti public "' 

a m. 

sick— Mr. ft 

*LLiTiy j^on<*— thr 

ill,,, Ql'U . «'*'" — mi- 

ll |< of Departments ttwt remain, not supposed tl , 
I •„ the mo* 1 l"-'r5 ct-amif;— th- Senate Wry mUct , 
■ i, u d w have iu " wn cuur ^'— the Howe reluctant. 
!v iu'ii'K ln ^P??"^* CommmiiltT in ci.l^f 
.. irfrnV « r " 1 '""' ~" u the same time th^eoemy li 


flown the , Bay--hak possessed himself of 

woqpstfcn* i>nd our expenses going on> a*, this mp- 
nicnt, u« » 

l< appear) Inn LtsvdN Listen that a dreadful 

storm ha-ihoen experienced ii) th» P,is>ern Etc 

Hi-- \m brig (,ov .-Clinton ha* been 
tae entrance or the ttav »f Biscay. after a chase of 

mn hours. 


CfiMSTIAS Menu.?, 

ir.lX-y.lll M f RK 

1* action*, BfeiM I 1 «e«l- 

inglythe l« ol ' :, ■•" ,, ,f *!! 'I'"- 1 1 " : ' 1 ' - llf " 
But iii knpcrniM a •/"""'- 

■ Irt»»tt,— Am tin 

s,«lfo.- salt In 1UMI>K«IH,)lO? RKAflf X, i.58,Corn. 

lull. .'"'•' ™ 

; n ■.- - i-j- per .month." 
moOHudl blockade- 

The Jle^""'" P«P, crs »ntoM the proclamation of Ad. 
tf/iaac* comma iding Oie enforcement of a rig irOUs 
blocked-' of the ports and harbors of AVm-ftrk, 
Char'tiK" 1 ' Pft **? a ' Savannah, and of the IKtwr 
MtvUpP** according to lite usages t,f War in similar 
^ase*- ' l ^ *' A,e( f ■* Bermuda, Bay 25, 1813. 

.* fltor" '« JW-'cAfinfci, Cc. — Among the many en- 
ftrpsiziljjg ™ cn wn " "rethrown out of employment 
by tli * 

Christian Moral* 

JUST nuhflahed, and for sale by Cntwira fc Ibi* 
I( .,i'„ U Kn J, Conil.ill.iitdat tli.-ir it-, I 

i.ii ,,, '1, —cniMSTlAN MOBALS, by Hannah 

More. I'm- l dollal ■""; ,, 
No. 3, of tlie- rflrv,.-,' U {i />wpijt?' — t-lark's Travcii 
I . l(/ ,i3fd (lie ffo/ji y.""^ lUb ir) 

W»i. 't is to be WJifaed Ihut s« me one would | 

bliiia a FLUATI^it, BATH. The Maeliino would 
not be very expensive, mul it would most mliquearlon- 
ablv lie productive of Rfest profit to any peison *Uo n i 

\tn. privateer Fox, lt»s Itctn enptured and ant 
into EhgUniL 

A Portsmouth article oO'»y 32, toys xhr KtibMjot 
74 Kun», destined for Benmio"':., k OtitTtA to be ha* 
tcued with all pnas'tble dWrflrtcfa; 

The Archer has been rentted end ^nipped with 
ettra. heavy pins at Woolwich) and is intended for 
the American station. 

The British flateS London blockading) sqindmn. 
was passed last Sunday : It was laying at tJanJiwr's 

Ishmd, A brig was seen to po into Pi. | if ■' OR & 

set', and afterwards come nut. 

The English papers contain a report orihe_c:.ptnrr 
of th'c D'h Surririain Packet u(TlX-iiicrar;i, hj the IT.. 
S. frigate Essex. 
I Thf Thuttle, from Bourdcau*. ar. at Portlim<l, 6th 
' inst. sprung her mainmast 12th June, and m artcr- 
j wards chased by a man of war. July 1, M IT, ton, 
I 65, saw a fleet of about 50 nil of mefebuninw n,»Und- 
I lhg Miuth on a wind, convoyed hy frigattJ. lift two 
I veeai IslVn- Snutlifrn port^. 

I TlieHollon, Boyle, nfPhilud. from Liverpool 1S!)> nfiwtory ltrr.- t pN for _ 
I Mapbfi* ar. at PortUnO, andfiroughl between 3 and | *»«■ Eor further mforn 
4uQtl packages and lctti 1 . 

British csttel ship Majrnet, 9 days from. Bcrrnud 

Cotton and Naval Stores. 

TWO bnndred bat - S i- 1 ind Hi ■> -Otkana anil, 
Upland) etttui '' U0 *>'>!> I *r Utd Turpentine, 

in -liii'i lie I'v 

i«lv id R.rnASB.iun X . .?, tn.i^-uliio-f. 

S 1 ^ 

t otiuri '. oinbni s. 

1 1 <;..\ rmro.V C.1MIIK1C 

nmad- trcct 


juk in 




injr 60 roll», on V* 1 ing 

.,-., purpose "* ifilinett, and much ; "l' 1 ■■' - I 

case covered HoTiiT. u Wirt, Be gtoa* aNm. 3 bah . 

bona, jti-it iTcnwl uTiil i-,t 

ONI'. ea*r Morlyi <■'• 

..^iilii construct one Mid Re*p it in gbud order. U 

pcriencc in mine phicus hn ihowil hgtb the 

Utility to the puhltc un(3 the profit to the Proprietors ' entered Motto 

of «ueh baths. It i- m>4 th..: fli.n is ope or more of 

a, vci-y pni'i 1 miitcui tion -t Xtip-Tork. M \^V 

at N. York TUtadny, with 1B7 prison! n, and 

others, in all 2 10 — No Americ'HA prisoncj-a being left 

Bermuda. ' I*fl, ships' <.ov -Mtmiir, I'.io.u, and 

. Holla, all from Virgbia Eur Lisbon, si r» in by <fe I m- 

toine. nrig PoVy, ntlv ealUe, from N l^ondnn, had 


A t',.ot- Junes W. 

M \:m:i^j]— ii, I'nocL-toii, Mr.Joim l. UaAsio*, 
af Huxbitry, to fifAS S»ttT Rnorms, of tht- former 
plaftt— — hi Wivntlwon, B»*nw>nn Sonvrn, 1^<|, " 

lrf(o«tcr, Att'y ai Law, t-j Mis* Amslu B 

the former nlaec, 

1TQ01, of I s 

,\ Swedish 

<lat fiermu- 

f)E < TM-: ]— ':> '.. II:. O011. Lt -Gen, Fiicmfa 

T l;M M; Rl .1,111. Will ' » '.OltD llr.VIT! \ I, S-llll!!-nl lit" 

li,. u..,i, md .' ''.'- '■'■■■ — '. -<i"iv Wiiitih-i— Saw'i. 

r si-i s.M.D.-Pr 1 . -|. ,.■,-. tuiin-Kiiig. 

_y„ ,,„ , ;. , • minenl engraver 

j s v, y . m'I,i Utc lUv 

/ ,, relict 

1X29. In 

Bt V. In 

::. K6. 
cabinet -maker, 


On Tliu-sdav ev*g. Miss .Van- W» " MlLTltX) 1 
2d d oir !>-■-"' iTitaai J'.'-i"'/-, Baq, The rdittions, j 
friends an I HoquwxanaK'Ol' Iho <k-c-..i.-<l, and ofthe^l 
f.iiiiili, .itl Invited to atlmd the fiuexaJ, from her fa-* j 
thei'silOUse, bl UJTeniSUwst, lo-morrow nfWrnoon, 
imtfloddAtfly '-I'-er ftivlne s-rvlrc 

Un Thursd iv, nluch, in the 55Ah yt-sr ot | 
hisiiKT. Ur, Silini,?! Rav.^u. His fbucr.d will pro- I 
Cprd Soni hin Inte dwulling-lnjiise in Common-Street, ' 
this afternoon, 4 o'clock : his friends and reKtions are 
rrrjneeled t» ft land wUbftUt ;' DQW particub.r invita- 

•/ The Fellows of the M<ii*neln>*Htlt Mkilieol So- 
tictv arc icuo.»tcd to aiteod tlie funcrwl of Uielatt 
Dr "Cnviwo,Ojisift..TiJ>»n, JC. W^ano.floe.W. 

Vo.iurd^ymorniig, Mi Jr,Hr.xiA« Oo«r, Ben. A'J. 
7& - funeral thia aftem'nn, S o'clock ; the relations 
and friends -of the family are requested to attend 
without further nol ice 

■ f ■ ■■!■ » _ _i __r 

ciEA* rurfii ' '; ^ / 3/>7 ' v g LIS T 

Fmnai Jrrv 9, or. sliip rair-Am-oricon, 6i» 'L-iys 
from London, and 43 day* from portsfcoutb. Pat- 
edietr: Mcon, Gidtot, and irviH, of Boston ; T^O s 
jftaften, and Edw, S. SToung, of Pirtiemoutli ; Mr. \V eat 
andladr orN»*tuekot; Miii Burnjt j M--. Moore, of 
FetcrsburgiaodM-. DownrfteaToT* r-.-ft. 
at Lotidoa. ■***«* *#'*^ IB, 5 t ?5^ .-..-■. 
about ia#i 
ton — two 
too, 2% 

Craft, an Vneriran, had eh.irff. of a." vessel, umVr 
ffliglleb rotors (Utc a i c W i » da;'qf HhnrmJ, uuTius 
conilnit towanU American* i a said (o have been ex- 
tremely hostile. On Saturday last, the Magnet 
spoke ti Swedish sloop 20 days Tr Jamaica for Hath, in 
fornvd, that Am. produce Was plenty at J 
hip from New-York viaM. London, arr'n 
da June 15, having touched hi to land, Mr. <ohn D^v 
enport anil ftimil'. 

"ll'h sloop Eagle, (formerly an Americ 
snmek, kept ,is a tender to the, Pole tiers) was captur- 
ed off MoilUug Point 5th inst. h\ the TaRJCOf, D fisb- 
fi^bing smack, and canictl into N York harbor.-- 
— The Yankee lost not a man ; the Bogle Wat 
Mr. H. Morris, master's mate of the PoiflBhsre, W - 
Bice, mid.hipman, and two mm severely wounded ; 
her crew consisted of 15 persons (including the aboic) 
1 11 of them murines: 

1 Sloop Ambition, from Htarleston, 4 days, 
' Yni-k InstTueadav, with 55 paesCpgey, among the 
! ['. Kohmson, of N Hampshire, and J. W. Page, and 
1 Leonard, of Mas»acloi«. ,1s. 

\V:ic;i;iiijh un- l^aiwportatipn, 

WK iu- Si[u-.r -■,<■-., oD%rto,thepuhlk, ourbest 
■ v.. -tin I.., -Jul ask j pofUon ol then | 

in Hi V I nt "i -tin pTof wl as AgcnlsfoT tin- Tians- 

., of my and .dUpcf" "' Property, to ml 

from iny poH ofllie continent, on moderate terms. 

And Wi Inc.- n>kc known that «. «-ill supply any 

mimbcrol good eevered V/eggens, withArewl Briv. 

ere, al tlieehorte* none.-. And give in all ca* ■ ■■■- 

pmpert}' conunittcd \ n? 

,,r please loapplj ■■ 
ofuaat tin offici ol Mr (lie* iwn Ki»« i«ns, j n 
i-er, Wo. I, Kilt.i-., , t, in,.i..ii — U !■■ ■■ inT s'tfifrti 

Pai ! ages v ill be* a * I, w»tl forv rdi I ftr*i op 

portointi i.i 1 rm-.K I' vni.N, 

Job ni,, (31 : JOTHAM ftH 

\ II. Any proptrttr, Oontdgne'l and Uvn [i i 
the abort) nno ol » (gone, or otherlx'Ue dii-ci 
ihe cartfof-cho Bubecriber, (atff£b\k m pm»u sale, 
ar ordecs foj tnK-vbaJCl wilLU; piuw'tU-Uj »r ended to 
bv the publn 
Ailv7th, \9l1 lUf*t*BO '''f'" ^"^ y--'- 

i .1 II. in i. tailing India 
sale a 


— a « ttmmi . 

This Daj't « 

At Wkittrvtl % Bon'd',1 Ofllce, 

.\-. -.. i' ' 
5000 wt. Coflfce, 2 IiIj'N '- 

ni.i'ni. Knm. 2 pipe's Wad 

O'd, 5!i0 {rulli.ii- Linseed < >''■ > 



Tins ') 


\.,, J, Cornhlll Squure, bj HLlSS ft MllITi-. 

Pii/.ft ahovo io Dollars^ 

DMWVN ii, the Internal MtoiguthH U*M«y 'orrtte 
i mb dxv i,t iii 

UfSlUO— NVi Vj*\ 195J OiS : 

oisvi-v,'. J.'iiii, 3je9 ( 14215, 

1777a— fuftitui /'«■•'« (i0t.-in tA( tli'.. . ..-I' — 

» Ot fi.i' I 

12 of WOO 
19 of 

■ r. ■ 1. ■ h 

I'll ,.-., I' K JM ' ' ■ 

tf i;:-:M>i.i\ 

n. . , ■« <■'■■. 

i |"\r urn—' 
" 1520J 7 


at N. 

|CT» Several Aew Adv^rttsementa unavoid- 

ahllt ■.'■'>..' ■-.'il'-. ■'. : 

Washington Jieneeotent Society. 

AQUAUTERLV Meeting of the Society, \i ill be 
holden at the Exclnuige Collee-House, on TL'F.S- 
D\Y Evening next, at 8 o'clock. An Annntsj » ill 
be delivered bv ISAAC F. COFFIN, Esq. 

The Standing Committee are requested to meet on 
the same evening, at half past seven o'cock- 
j„ly 10 ftKO»«.;E MONO, .fwif. >><■<■ ■■•- 


l J iyniimlh lirtun IMlerij — S(t 
PBIZB8 jtlt.w.v i i.sti uii.n . .urn r. glO 
13J0.1 526J 1-hiii. iK:,^4"u5 .,-: 
i 724<: \ f37 i Of ?J— 13905 6847 1«9. 

The gaip nj ihc Wheels is '" 11L SW04— »hd OT'A'e- 
fawn wj'K * „n JtASfi, TickeUJf5,5U^Q«»rters«M0i 
Warranted undrawi*. for sale a* theTaoCorj sfle R 
change Oflice of cii-HFitr i.' nr.AX, Bxcl atigMEof- 
fee-UOuso—wlio attend pei--.>«ally to Ul th) 
of tlieir busini mi. a' Bills ofExehange coil 
usual, in most of the 'eupoot- of th< '. 
and Eschenge on N. York, Philadelphia, Ff 1 "*""' 
Jtc. &*. in sums to suit purehaacrs, tor sale bj k D. 

jidi_ }0 

f? ,iVo. 9, »Warfre^ajiwr* .' «^3 
T. KTmiKR's 

liur of Prizrx hi %tt Claa* j'lymo,:! r. 

I lid ■!,— J./ ./ri/t ih*naiv§. 

Of Si 0(»— X"'» 1480 5363 133o3. or F,=. —No's 

fiw 387a «os ra-ie 13515 isao5 — 01 sao— x« - 

IS59 6847 1590 01 ftiu— Sc'.m I07fil I 

13649 12848 UM50 tflSd. OfST-i Wo'sJiO 169 

201 5S1 556 73/ 800 »1« 953 9&7 )"06 Iff i I . i ." 
1508 1688 17LJU I7"85 1918 2014' 2U0 21H 

i uf esc 

1 of -".' '"' 
3 of 10* 

Im '. 'I ■ t ,, ■, 


'lirkKTs am. <ii \M I i ■'■'■ 
iu flumntih 3!fnth !■-'.■ y, eoutatiaing rl l ' 

p ■ ■ 

Ppi'zp of t.'».ori'i i)>lhun ! 

■ ., > .1 

S 100 ! S ol S 7 ■ 

Cornel (.'■■■■ .■■ (Ik Wm* 

„-a'i.,u. ..i-'L'l ii. : ,, • . ■ 

inrd-W ah-ve. I''' I 

Ai I'hilnl.-lpiiu-P. ■ I 

' "S0O boxes Lemons, in excellen! <-'■ 

der. Conditions ii !■ 

ii fa ■■, : : y Btiul, a"0'J' - 

On Mon.U) ik ..t, ai [To 

•: vt i» Spear , V»h>rf, . 

BflD rmshcjs excellent Rye, 1H0 qui-v 

pmnh Pish. Cbnditiom 

y* llo ■ 
At J- Ripley'* Oiiii-o — ?. birlift-HtrBOsj 
in It tU-a X. O. Cottdn,8 Ululs Fish, 

. , i . 

, OnTucsdaj-*iat 11 o'clock — /Tj ftefH 
.1 ' oxe* H.i\itnn white Sugtr. 

i-s.i V lie.Vt, w lT~o ' 
tell n"i ■ 



On VVwi 
u t.i 'Ii 

btiU old S'.ron^ It or .aid '•' 

■citable - 

kit i . . 

r ; ■!.. - J P. 

,. . i 
• . from 

■■ i 'i.i. in, 
juli iu 

Oil '■ ■ 11 O'tlOLK, 

t* M.. ■. 

g.i pipes CttLitl«jtii;t red V.'iue. ^iih« 

on' rc«-ri 

THF, Proprietors of CAorV.. Rivtr Briigt, «« hefe. 
by Qoiifie6% Tltat their annual m-ctimr w in «e 
holden at the hall of the Massachusetts Bank in Bos- 

ton, on 

TL'LSU \Y, the 13th day of July nest, at 10 
o'ctick in Uie forenoon. 

iiine.10 JOHN SOLEV, Proprietor* f VrA-. 

t« sat] 

wltii about J60 ptiotiere, tor Bo*- 

others were to fj»ow soon. June T. iat 45, 

as boarded from the Fox privi.K-ci-. on ort- 

noaUtVhed. Uken nothinr-whe bad ^dfOj' 

1, t, n.ron. from fe-T^s.lg^^JJ 


brought to aiut 


i'J ^« than *' ' rfn ' ^""^. 4 t dBV1 lron J L ' 8 r 
.. y ! ' T '„. ?fi l.t 3/ lop. SS, ab!p NewXIalcn, Tra- 
^CtcJlSdS; ^TfeWtoBM for Lisbon. 
C V.i It n^r.) ach-N-Setioru del 3 ? ,c „-0,Ha V a a. 

Mr.MUIU.VD.I. - - 

,cb. Mirand;,. from B. Island for Cuba, 
whs captured near t)ie latter 

'Collector's Sale— dharUmmit. ~ 

NOTICE in hereby given, to the following Non-reai- 
dent Propncwrs of unimproved Land m the town 
,.t* OAorfcmsnt, "m the county ot Franklin, thai ti.e.r 
Laud is aaaeased in the Tax Bills, ftr the years 1810 
and 1811, committed to me tll« Subscriber to collect, 
us fwlbws, viz : 

T#* S»' 'A* year 1810. 

Proprietor*' JMi»*> 



O. e. 

2 10 
2 40 

C If 

b,c o-e 
.135 3 95 

B44X2603i690 2639 264/2 2701 2744 1955 2 
S428 3570 1098*328 *393 4659 4701 5076 5*. 
5679 5805 5820 5S6S 6067 *574 6769 684S 6961 T*^7 
T.'MJ 7133 717 : 718? rsa: rj'ui 7352 7394 i S60 7b24 
7717 t779 7808 S067 8439 858i ' - SO 9506 

07°9 9731 9975" 10267 102118 103*3 J0451 10677 
IO90d 10090 U05U L1074 11267 Uo98 11406 11435 
11502 11510 11^7 11708 U636 IMS1 119? 
L2630 12805 13854 IM29 13318 133 
13673 (3708 J3858 l40J5a4393 143-28 14S34 14506 
14^40 14612 14686 14689 14754 IW26 W33 UVJ1 
iJ.iy.S 15592 15596 15774 lrW69 16127 10301 16401 
16460 16505 16»2* 16549 17056 17'Jaj 17310 17463, 
17473 174-18 17535 1/567 17699. 

rj Exactly half o/tlu: I'ruqs abovc^ o^*Jtai0, " « 
sohUt UUHJl-'.lv's. »«*i dva-.i o blauk »-'U WeiititW 

ioFWE fir.Ytiiu.n nm.i..ii:s < . 

(Cjilnly $5 50 laid out at KimiVMl'-* "i the W>0« 

Lottery, gAvci Utc pnrchaaer a fine ctimicc fcr osii pi 

the Ur«e 1'i'w , ™, — 

■t or i.ttiOd... j ? "' "^ 

8 of 500 do, I J", of MO do. 

ami ina m otlwrs, all fi.>- tV-'oi ,1 ■fne-tSn 

-i\.n. I'" llu ' 

s|'ipoiiued Administt 

Hn. Vim.hi.k, ' 

WBiSPftCTFlil LY informs hi cfneild ..-I .hcj ub- 
, lip, thai ■ Iu i. ■ ■ R< ■■ »ved ft Pe J I '■ 

W0, I, /'-n ,' Hr.t ::.'.',-., ./■•■ :: ,■,; jftlVrt, i 
I ;,. n II I I'M-nu rl. Qi mified bj Mr-. /Vr-,,,..-,- -.ii. n- 

I. or ■■ ti< ivtli i t i - - i b« ■■ c ii i rt*d with 

BOAItniNtl / On ■ -' ■ ■ n -i-' 1 l " l 

out nj ■■.! ii ti, ,( '..ul I- ■ oui hes with tl 

« ill in i ' wi^li . ■ i-i-s ;'•'■ ini'Hi.- 

1 KK *' liy an elderly oinii. in some 

* J Shoi>, Mlil. plac i ; . "■■ !" fon ™li.) 

Ufl it being .i Strang • "' town,)oe TXieadat', unEng- 
lisli mitvei WATCH, maker's nami M»> .- * .0. a 
Binehbcck 8 I mil Kr; rhe pcraoB in whose chaige 

I) -,r>s left, ■ OUi .i- d tO git i ID Mr. 

tl, in Btm-atTcet, Ho 36, wjio will paj all 

., and i . ^.- Mi ''.' .»ks 'ii ».ji". m r. p 1 "_ 

Aii Bxcellont K.nuity Horse, 

IJWlRBaloaneXccllciil fam'd) Chaise BOHBE, onl; 6 
1. 1 Hoi «hl op account of enf firnltwhat- 

, ,,,-_|, o) abriglll b») color, and warranted sound. 
Vpplv at Mr. Brirhintft Stable llii>onilie!il'>-l-iui.' 
10 , 

TO be LET — :t commodious brick 
HOUSBi four storu ■ hkjh.and so nvenieoi Shop 
m a pkismi pari ..I 'In town,a1 :t nn low rent 
M (LLIAM A. FALLS, SufTolk ln». 


■ \,i. 51, Ui.ij: ■■ '■ m. 

^ SO lUs Philadelphia supcrl i" 

j., y ,i mo ■■ an t ...,i, . ibi ia iii; ■ 

Corn Meal i 151 .u.higJ* ■ 

pt-Oill" AlldgQIld '|^J'■I^^. , . 

TM» bay, srt i- 1 o*clock, 

,i,.. , ,- ■ IH»f, 

48 blids.fltst quality Mdscnvado 

Homes im 1 ."Jitte. 

To be sold at Auction, wi Sol I ■'' ' 

lUgkloek, A.M.— on the | , ■ 
of the la '. q ill of »r* » Wr, late oPflpettm. (F-r. 

i.) deceased, 


i. . 

i-. iu 

"TO he UEi\ to a sniiJl laimlN. m 

1 Contw^rtre»UM»«ndpf a HOUSE, consisting 

ol'llirec moms; v Hh a j.rinlek".- .0 -a K'"" 1 l "- U "' 

Water. -rain * ater Cistern, kr.— .- -ni m- ■ '■ rate. I i- 
q „,re,,t r M[> h .jUn,, HuUCcl ItWCl j"lj ' ' 


The .Vm. 
ritli deals and sUve-. 

retaken 19 1 h 

p,,ee by a Liverpool »«*Wr-of-marquc 


M l?1 uj #, Al \ An l' r ^i,,, to Mill Prlwn,illsMV. 

bch V on. ,.j.dmj he wajromg ^ ^ ^ fc 

ercd h.nisell to tie a e account she gave 

"'- r" 1 c, » l w l wSc«^ »* hcr fc T l : r i 

ol liei-sell f«i l .7 .(.."vejisi-l was s upwTccked an-1 
mUtross ^»^i^ V SSS Xd »hc strip- 
M but Uoortf pe«»hed . Out ^ * on ^ mld 

pel a drOrm«5 »' lor ' ^t^t-aml hnally ei.v.T- 
Lgged her way 10 the ""^Ij^.^. She wishes 
«d*S a ^aman -"! bu ^™V ll we hope her rc- 
w be sent home W her eountn'. » 

The Heirs of Thomas L«-? go 
u-iitc, Esq. decoased. 5 

7' fl/ r for the if tar 
The Heirs of Thomas Lc-V 52 2 ^ j y 3 99 

^-3™^ pil hefore the thirty just 
d« o f^guTl iii, a- onrVihe clock m 1 he aftcr- 
sa much of ittd Land will then he sol fti the 
I Hall, in said CAurfemefti, U will h»- "<^- 
dd Taates, with the lc^al coat. 
TAMRSSllIBTLin", Volttztof of 
Mas \7th, txn ( '' ai ' Nw '' 

givons lhi»t tlic 

fthi Unda called Ihe Westf.ud 
in the Comity of Wslhington ■' 

house of J> 
Bcesary to pay s 


TICK is hereby 

e Lam 

: Count, . 
.1 meeting holden at Tyngahormufi on *h«-»* 
day o ^VUKU.t, 1809, Voted to wise <I,e .urn of wo 
™" . .PZT-?- ...i .k-» la* of one hundred 

I^otu K is uereuy 

■^ Subscriber has been duly 

NOTICK in hereby glv^ 
flubserlberiaa l>. ■ n.inly sppomted 

huXd dollar's, and the furtliettas Lefone h^J« 

.aid Grant orYands. And the **»*ffiZ*** 
thaniel ingersollin said GfMU or Lands Is t u 
leased with his proportion uceoi-dmg to tai «»«»« 
A, en, d,a, fulloVsU. w,t, sixly-O.ree dollars seven}, 
^e its fifiy^oe dollars, andnlnety-h^ dollm*»S 
xty.fivc cents. An* said logcrsoll and all pcr^n, 
38S —I- hi.,,, ar,- hcrebv respectively wtifted 

are herebr respective ly 
and requested to pay sa.d iuitu lo._4*" *4*^«* 

raoucst will he f-ranted 
b%nt as well as her lumd 
men's advent 

She has mil" 
a0 d appeaM 

d, While 

Tlw Am. ichV Henry 
tnuillliU OuOrcUl 

II l™,kingyoone:man 

■ -- sent into Ply 

Swedi-.!, ha 


Concordia* from 

sixty 'five cents 
holding under him 

UCStcd to pay saio aum 
lector of ,aid Taxes.or .0 JMpf "f'tiJ^k an 
o, said Proprietors, or to sud // '"' 1 't"' J,,V' on or 
JWas« Hodldo,,, Ouiltnittee ot said Proprietory on or 
befoK- the tenth d;,v of Febrtmry 

john none- 


\tOSS3] HODt 
8'h. 18ia C4wi 


from * 



ainN, 7 
M.lKlS, > 

m N. Vork, ar. at Ji.l- *\ ^M ^ (J*^ 

SJtTTit^i is s»*«» 
ani^ witli brandy, JJ* Su ,,, crir>t . r i„s been oppprt 


tor with the WilUnnejoed, to^to ul -asv B 
LIS, bite of Cotffftl-tt?',' i" the roomy of Mulde 1 
I 1 „l r, docoaacdj toatutc, and has'taJom upon hmiv.H 
Utat trust hi KhlM bonds U the lavtbreeU; At" 
all pei8pnahitvrilpK3eaiiandaupontho«»veoTWesB t. 
d« ceased, art rt qr lir. - 1 h) eShlbir i"he SflinL-.-^'l all 
persona iiidemc Lw ">. .id esterto, « caBi l«P*B* 
;, IJ ke, 1111 .»-.i.t, l .i J' dl* WILLIAMS, M-»--miln 

— , th»t the 


th , last w.ll alld tcst.iinent of .inilX MA\\ LS, UOe-Oi 
lk.rd.ivf.. m llicc.inn ■■! Xor.'otk, Gentlemen, oe- 
,, m ,1., lAen uponWmselfllial Wis' 

„ 1!f b Uuttalll direela- All persons h. 

miiidsupon ^eetaleofthe-aald iecwaed. W 
quired to ' *h.hll the aante ; and all p. rvm> 
to the MUJB •-sl-le, 

l ° /j,,T/,.-^^£ii'.MI^M^ „_^ 

NOTICE S "hereby glj«M> t lint the 

fU,elas.Wdla 1 ,dT..t,m.n."trl AV^Il .^ 

CKAUD late uf W. ol « ^,^M!fS , 

doeeWCd, II,. l..krn npon '""-'» "','':,■, 

Ling bonds- »h» laxv d,,-,-.-. And «F*«g 
SvSk demanAs upon -he K.ta.e of the u» Frann* 
SEncftard S K»b«d to eshibd the «mj . ijA* 
JSsowindehbtAtothi i • -t^.;- <; ■ i -' i [T " 

ffoUMi, ruflj IQfA. IjHpj v ■- -' 

jvoficS s , " ,, ' ,,|, >' s iv, ' ii - ( l ! ,:lt I . ,u r 

Subscriber, >-'l"^ l -' , ";;" , " l, i- 1 • , 

»fatnAHGOM«F.B,(0flatcAlKiACAfl«l of Boston, 

,( ' l ,, t ',, l( ,,,, i ..,| 1 ,-,-..seu, l n l i,d f . ! - r; ;; ; ;; i 

J»»«iosl l ke.'.L,te,arcealid.ipo. 
. ILmd all persons indebted to th, 

- II' tO 

Id d.te 


idleilupon |s maki | 
', LOSING, fryrmfoc. 

TO he LET — it thvee simv 
Dwett'me; HOUSE, man the aeulrc ofOn town, 

contnifeing ■- 3 H .wth * th ■ a 1 

Vi,«veiu,-ii...— Hem aiBOptrannuw (nqnw ««re 
■ nun^mt It nun 

ALL the rkht,tfticdnu interest ^nid 
. died ,,. d. of.h md to Hi "\ ' ' ! ' ■' 
HOUSE or Tenctnent, ! 

bi Mi- /--■■-■ BuBarri j ■ ■ ■ ;i ' ' 

.11 PexkVlan., vic.-.IK.l.u.n. eecupiedb> Mm 

fawn. 1 ® ■■' ■■' I 

Btotm, JuMJ, IH13 -V. ii ; attcfrs 

On Tuesday qe»t,&t ' o'clock, 

in Statcxtieat 

fnr want 
. hi 

(Ifm.t previously loldj it pi 

A I-ikelv YnniisUoMP— miUU 
IV ofempl 


"Sie Stlhr'-vtTifV W 

PttTSuatf to 1 vVan mi from ihu 
;, ,,. ■ . . : nfth 0. ' 
ftxtMforUl U ttVd ■ I * »a«; ' 
this IMblt. ",- « I lslwl 
ViM. Vud ■ 
MONDAY, h I ■ 

Jn H If 


,■ a 

■ " 1 

,|, C.r. h:>d, .'Jim- lia.r *«", J U"- ' '_■{' 
. Am in t)r.J, -J'a rO'A-l I 

WhoeserwiU take up s.ud M»«, ««.« ■"< ■ 
, dacaulacTiber.nltovA .■ ' ' 

; 1, „..!-. ■;,.. ^ re- 


I.O.IVdi'ls W 

4 CRNTI.I'MVS ...1 !..■■■ H '■■ I f 

V Mm avi rj plea ...» l«d heultlp. I"" " 

. ., ; 'Ml,, ■ UJ fientlenien 

■ ■-•■ - _^U^-J' ,Ml - S,ff,> "^ 1U 

T MvN that can produce from &Ul 

to gflOOO, «oilU ■■■ I tad 1 

mo rt with 1 11 

t vc young man With ' 


rdiotv t. 11 sndlcftuti 
itiendod to. 
July 10 

ant j, mi, m son** 



,■'(;- lUiinl 1'1'UiUinif Bo"m> 
Jul) 7 

to he Sfolen, unc 

>,,,■. do adoth Peljtae,e, 
, blue nanJteen J ickc) .ioj 

STOL'T suppo^ 1 '! 
bkek flat, and one & 

„. n .l,..-. r,..i....i. and 1* hi 

iul to 

Str. ^cnt 
lyih May. while 
ind wis >cunled 

- IWK " f " r jacket frnm. 

"■Sic e 9W» ^d just before refo- 

., .r.ineiri,, ar a' 

ri v;-^.; [, ' r " : h;ri^.ic.r,.ro..hya 1; riv ;: 

,no«tl. 19d. M '>r c ^\{ thc A)H1 .... J, ,rh s ( tn leil-lil-OTs 

„„ iii.i had '■- «» other capture— 

Serherguni and Ukingoat uerbul- 

STof 20,Wm a.,1 all her MSIW, b 

teer brig calling he 

slave froui » '" 

After throwing 
tion, in two amount 

"iSttlMI Arcthu-a 
Forumouth »* ^ fi89 dttllnrs 

specie . *-- -7^:; and 1 hag 

from VemCnie 
villi the follow 


arrived at 
iWiliff rich car- 

fAS doubloon*, 

Wer, -t lumps. 

44S pi,-,-. -s silrer, [Pf^, —$ (weighinK i» <»« 
gold, Llpiecei rW.'Pj „„;„ 1 , 1 gold clironome 

f tho last will and testament 

lite of Hincham, 

tkat tl«e 

1, led F.verutor 

ef'*rHOMA8 t n\x- 

|] m'v "' PJjnnoutBj 


tdattr.-*" bV gtvlne/honds 

1 pas 

.., . Oc nt the 

rroh} rft|uired to OEthlMt 
Itbtcd to the said estate 

■ ,i. mi 

bZe B B ?^S 

.--'■'-■": ;;::!,:'. ::'.^.-:vv':rk.h 


and 'he h-Iter-of-niarqi 

Ts'ehL^-') 1 -' , '' , -7"'-" 

,,, \' \1.1-k, ar, at Ports 

|>nv -i.-e,l'4..1-J.^ „,, „ a.^whiel. 

-4-h M.v.pryct*" "^ „ ,, 

■ r-i ■■■■i'« r »r\ '„, i\.i-kt.,eL..b.,n, eh 


-.[by t|K- I'J- 

ii, b (flwmtrly hi* » 

l hep 


taptured, she WQk a OT*S '""* 

n ' "' "| llic e-l.tnr.- »f tlfc BTl •!. 

I H *B»»0 Tfv-'nvl md 5th ilav.mJ ."i'-'» ■ 

"' r JrtSess g" .t indigi 

The I ,, r ,s ,Capl 

, ihe tin. 

tui »cb Acteiapc, 

i,avm K demand 
s..'.d Thomas Th..\tcr. are 
UtC SMBCi and all pel 

. I upon loinjk. I'^iVVv i-k ) 

BOUF.IU 1 HAM '■«./ Executor* 
I/tmghm, J"'!/ 1st. 1813. 

OTlCB U hereby 


trie to the F. 
offruninjruam, m 1 

N 1 

iven, thiti tuc 

.„.hdv stjiiointed VI" " ' 

^iSrlT:( Middle V~ 

in the county 

cxliiblt the »ane 

_ 1 e^ 1 i,ve.,llc.,,p.iii-^ P: . |(v ^^. 

H n ■ " ' 

M, 16f«, lftli_ 

no nilfc 

M IUxj, Haiinis', «ftp*«^ 

JJQtLon. . 


Kurnitni'e. fee, 

' thi»T0ays« lQ u ' do ' k \ 
VI J H.i^P»' Office— <J. 

4 Varifty of new and st^.n.M.antl 

"'»- Kl UMl't » p - kl - """I 

,,,,,., .liniii h ':iml penJ 

' id Crock' n Ware 

.1 ueds, Belbrwvds, Jlu 
broke Tabic*, new andaeW- 

■' 'V,. brnss'Beltles, Po«andKee 

Pans, I'.i.i.'.i-v Kruves Mid,Forfcs 

whom it DM) C ii r" 
Datedat I'-' m. ' ' 

\ t \ ]-'ii'.w ■■; , -< 'i -" ■"- ■ ■■■ 

— ■ jiai>h;tt •* .t..~ 

1. . 1 . 1 ■ , - 1 ■ 

n t tou Win IDC ftOtt 1 U«. V"<N 

UiTis Esq Jiictgi ■' ■■ ' ■'■ ■ 

SdS.Uafei theDi ■ I ■'■ 

tbisuiibllK l '". '"■■' ' ll '■ ■ 

,,,,.,, -,.;. tion, mil otto hi; in "- ■ ' ' ■" " ' 
„., ihe 26th djivofJuli insi n< ■ " 

ClTv 'ha'-naiieltninkii tmttanm:?; HftU 

Olubl Siallmnis, Lacings 

. I 


rh,-s'..dCouJ- h*eii I heetid crw I 

herl.'trr tour- rn > n lOIC 

nVmda, ■ "'- 1 '' ■■ 

M U illl.U ■ .-_''. 

BiorfkrofUio Sfroit Court n£CflBV 

..„ on m«,-.i.\\,mm t ■ rth-dnj oHu- 

I ■ ,.,, on tlw premises, 

!.:!.■ ol SM- 

ll.Tll PI 

s 1 

til ifges 

.1, ■ ■ 

11 ■■ . 8 ■ ■ 

.111 the Li I 


l„t of stone 


. l,.t ot 

UF. 0«. naJer,i«neU:hVvin ff b«.vapp«i^dh'.h. 

itir~claim« of <h' 
,Ue Count) >rf ''-" , ' , ' TO ,"J^^»rstiWNSnRE 

5f5! S 

i ^ ,, ' J * l :;l£;:;;:i-^ l "-'<i^ 
■ " ,j t ti.-- 

red to n 
taj , r . ! dint; a"<l *' 

■ Jo./n 

on Hie fir 

Bh ''''"^T'.'.'-ukeiVnp^ himself ihet 

trust by givmtT 

1 ^' 1 " ^"SiiS 111 am- 

,.. 1 n.d upou 

deccaaed arc r '"q 
persons, indebted to t 
lo make p,ym*r.t to 


,,-,.] e,l.l'. 

15, 1813. 


1 Hon,c.M.hee,.ri, :: i ; .j ; ^ : ---; | 

Streets, Moqnt-Vermm 


[Dqulre of *** 

jlil} tu ] 

to bo £eU Rous. No. 

FOJl Sttle or 'I 
in. Middle-Sireel 
riw*. Inquire ot ./ i«'« 


nest, fro' 

\.,oi'> "id Bcptember 

10 I ,l iXa 


I1VV1B* .■LltlOLB. S 

1, IS19 

riiii 'tTT-TRT— a QiMB story JLiwcning 

T^Sl^iatedinPoraand-Str^t JW. I 

[0ialw j i„ Bortland-Sweet 

.■imi.Hln' Wartof, 

Spiders, warming 

poruhle Writmir 1 • 

"■'^■''''^.MMlk .,., iMi«aloo.. S ,*c. 
, lg master, and I 

1 pg k 'ee.i silk Da 


lask, silk'Fringfl »nd gimp 

O mtieh of the Real !•; 

pAen Bmrei/, I '■ ' : '' Ueri ' 

raise the so'iioi'' ■■ 1 thmi 
fur t, one cents, to pi 
Out pai 

re Or , 

hou ■■- ■ 

,., I.'i.i I.' 

'. ... 1 . 

Poi- fl 

pplv to ffitl* 

,, ilii| .,„l, Vetera... ppiv - '" 

I w " -* , r , „.,«■ having »n excellent 

cell ■•■ * foronarterlypay. 

Kent gl 

Fill M' ■■ 

w lth seetiritj for ouarterty p 

" '"'' '° 

,i- ri-m.u. 




. a ndi»vtu> 

July 10 

Alan- at Weiiou. 
■1 his n iv. t] 1 •-''' lock* 
1 c^/ofStut^^d^lby., 

%lu .,.. 15 hands lu-h.'.'mnc 

,. ,,;, j^d in saddle end harnc«-*1 
jgSSenehWingtlu cm ■'■ 1 ^__ 

nwelTin "-'.'ilMiise in Lancaster; 

lM rMONPAV, the 2.1 d. I l«g«rt 

. . , On the premises, 

... M .v . ,tft„ 

A Bay 

j ■ reacs 1 

■ I ■ , ■ 1 

Bilter-c tr-v-, ' ■ ' "J 

...,„: tin ndj w ■ ■■'' 

BiUtrica, ' ■ '■ ' :, W- __; — B , 

"ArTd.vci »S 

XTOTICE ■ he/eh, pW »«»^**™f fi T^ 

t.S1.64.»,8S,»04,lSH tSS, M-, '2'^fflS 

an J"uS.i*,llbe»old.i PotihcAuOion,.-!. 'HUKS- 
DtY.JKi^hdavon-i'i D l*h"«.<^ ' «£ 
S« M. lanholder.m ndoVer, s m»M ihe clock, 
rThca.eVnooao.-ildsy.u.,. •«"" < ^ 

on e«eh single -bare, w, 1. ™»--8 charge*, are 
d to ihe Treasurer on or l"fore ih*t <roe 


w.n bi 01 


itbrioh ends, tart «« i * 



ae - v-;v; : ',,^ :■:::,:.;■ - 


vbhed fin ii atuched t« said i* ^ . Wlll 

hu,,.. ,■:- v. 1 ..-". -v 1 ■„ Sd*at 

p.. i 

Thompson's fssuuiL 

TO be sold at Puhl.C A...-lwn. at the Ufch ■ 

.;,,',■ iuat. ..1 1 c 

lock, P. M 

rvXK undivrdod moiety cr Ifelf j^sn 

i " of thai ' 

Cj*Ain person incBnei 
,., ■■ dlon Thom »..*»< 

she*, lb 


aluable Island calle.l 7tMMMe«C 
.ittfiWdTn Bostoi 

towri The Whole Island coal mg b 

3[^edtogr«ingor tilleffi. One Ourd par* 
oi Jdmoiety-b SfflLiSr '■ 

person liod . t ..ard ; a«.t ■;.— -«.U he ^'d . 

bv older ofvU Sfprenw Ju*U>«4 $01* 


I t^^ropvirtat-y Branch of Soda aud 

Minora! WATERS — Removed. 

MORE oowrnicntlj- to accominidatc the Lftdlei 
and (jcnd-raoi at the westerly and northerly 
parts ofthe to*n, and tbc Public ipnsndlyj the iutt- 
eenber has Saiwrdironi No. 7, Corrdrilhsquasr to 

ir rewlera than directions to make the teeond Joor-frvm CfcuTf-rtiWr, nntt directly eppotite Con* 

<vrt-ifat<— 'ifierc a Hooiii is BOW opened, wUi COUVe- 
n;,r:.tC apartments, for the accoiMinodaii-jii of 
Aim i adii . :m-i Gsntlemcn who m*y nnd it conven- 
ient to nirtako-of the Waters at the Fountain. 

L , caslihn healthy and cheering Beverage, uiiie 
only arc coii.iVcicntjuSfc., «Jl . 1. m us led and ca- 
pceienced thtffr eshflaasting *vf&cia. ... , 

gj 'Person tit attobdalipe l''-nn J o cloelt, m Uic 
morning, until 1.0, in Uic even'mgby 


mil nissEi.!., — 1 SEisD yon a few extracts 
E»m an" Ode 10 M'omrn"— and which I trust 
will he mire useful and agreeable to many of 

6.4/ rouge, or '.lie mint (\..hionaole hcad*dre* 



J. HS rtyntph-lilw robe, the natural grace, 
I iv mile, the natru ofthc foe*, 

fftsWrrw 111 without artl 
Tfie esr* where pure affection beams, 
'in.' tear from icntbrnesa that etresnus, 

The ncccnls of the heart ( 

" Tin tumbling fit mc, the living- check, 
\Vh .v, l<k'.- the nrominp, blushoa Intuit 

To crimson o'er the brnut ; 
Tlic Joofe where sentiment is seen, 
Plrtc passion* moving o*ct ihe mem, 

Ami ail the soul cxprcat j 

" Yonr beauties thrse ,- with, these yos shine, 
And reign nn high by right ah in;, 

The' sovereigns, of the world ; 
TllCfl \i» your tnurt the n.nious flow 1 
'1 Se Muse urUh fiowe>s the path will strew, 

Where Veie*t car is hurPd " 

** At times, to veil is to reveal, 
And Cu displav 1= 10 conceal. 

Mysterious ant your Inwa ! 

ion 1 Giict than the view ; 
11. i landscapr Saiurr nv«r drew* 

Su loir in F.mcy draws. 

'■ \ ! ' tty cart-lessly bctray'd, 
BuMnonri pnin , than if display M 

All W'jmun'i charms were given j 
And u'ar the busem's rests) Whlti . 
'jit? appears a ruljt :>f ItgM 
Tii-i veils, vet opens Heaven? 6 

" , be Zime 0!' Kami*, heavenly, 
l> Nature^ .usfic. 

And nut lite web of Art j 
Anil limy who we it ii never know 
To.wu.t ciiciirnimg charm they Svjf* 

l~<.< 1 injiire of the titan" 

b A 1 1 KiU A V "s MO>» ITOK . 
no. x. 

ITOW mane persons Uierc at-i-, respected for their 
: 11 ;;. no . h lio ncvertlicitias appear to be ig- 

■ ut ,.r ' i.t.i Got£b>-»iE5T ! Let us examine Uns 
h jhly ml agisting rirtieh;, ^n indispunsihiv neccesary 
to biippinvss — fojf without '■■ wemnst ui.mtsbly be 
- . ;,.': BuatKwe we submit otv reaaou to the con- 
in ut oi [-.'• ion Ji-1 appetite ; — and instead of*-. n-.A<X 
and dispassionate, ndipi a severe undiigoit>us- t disci- 
pline ; — whwt are ibe coiisetjuences I — He income 
slaves t • Bhgcp, violence) vice and ruin. On the con- 
trarPj we may always safely calculap^ ilnt ifnecea»e 
to asBmadvcj t un trifics, 'ior appear discomposed jt 
air iileo s, nor repwve real Eaults Ir j pa skm ; we 
aliaU qoicVlj End the at&its of our hvuscl.t^d or mi? 
business witch better conduced, ai«i ouro*rn breasts 
i ion tranquil and happy; — lie tiutt is master ofhfm- 
self is Greater than the' mighty. Thofltb _his body 
;. ou Id he in prison or in ■.tr.on., his mind is fi-ec ; — 
aid lu- exercises witliinltiinitlt, a most noble sover- 
eignty. On the other liand, the monai'li, who glit- 
t.irs on his Utrone, ;md ha;, the powei of life anddcath 
over nullionii of men, is Iiiitm'if u slave, if he gi^et 
up tl;c reins of self-government, fili story, lantlent 
Mid modem, has tatUd many, men great. The 
ftct is, no nun is truly, great, who does not govern 
inmn-lf ; but he it great, howeverhe may be circum- 
^ lanced, who uniformly and strictly maiiitaiiis self- 
gr.vcrument. Would you oUnin the honv>r of a con- 
queror f — The held is opcnr-Conquer your' unruly 
passiMM and appeilites, and lay these rebels prostrate 
at the feet of w.-moa. — It is th« mo?it nob'; conquest. 
■\Yotlld you be a roJer '-Gowrn yourself— Be the 
commandant ot your ov.n garrison. Would you. be 
bappy wurself, and allow others to "be happy also ? 
Lei self- government [ji'"e direction to your conduct. 
This kjidsfa'.-i.yori.v < ,U it is in.tlie pewer •f<svs 
iv on* to (Jtcrrj'r ilj, is cquuilyTteccsz^irY, useful .nd 
honoraliletV-IftTKe Ufcw'ise man rental k-'j, " tit that 
r'tlfth hi; o-.ffn tpirii >-• be tvr thai :h* mighty," 

N It 

g t«(.l'-NT ROtiER'S, P»/r> Jlgtat. 
: ; . s l, njiid bit a few Soda Jugs- j 1 '^ ? 

CJuisdan Disciple, Wo. '&- 

THIS Day puhtiihed, by/ Commi«« * HitLiaao, 
No. 1, CURNHU.L, t ■ 

The ChristiAc sOisciple, N». 2, tjr Jutu. 

Obliiratimjtofchri.tiiuisiolo-eoweaiioilier— fistrset 
from ibe life of Br. Doddridge— Add r»* 10 10 the Ed- 
lion— Ewraet from Dr. Price', dissertation on prayer 
—On mt *akw of ibe termi of accept aoce wuh Goo - 
fflunntioM ofpa««ge»of .criptute-On humil.iy in 
the investigation of ebristtan truth— Herety, a» it ha* 
been uad*rsi»t.d—E» tracts eipresiive of chrTitian 
chariiv— Insirueiive anecdotes— .'ortry, The deaih of 
the nghicoo*— Intm&mee, Napoleon and Pope— Let- 
♦crfroin I nfla— Editorial Notice, 

SulMcnbers whohivenot received the first oumber 
are requested to call or send for i bem. June >^ 


A^'D for sal'' at Manning S3 Loriagh, No- 2, Corn- 
hill ; at t'. ttiil'M"*', No. 3, Kate-iipeet . and 
at A. llro-am'*, Ohurlestoww, puce 25 cent* viz. 

Letters to the author of '• Bibir jVcir.t" — 
wherein, excluding controversy, the dtsign is to show 
iliat. the Scriptures do not J'*il to declare the very 
mode of MKBStan's SoosKp a> implying and proving 
his true Divinity. J&to, that bis nal Divinity is cer- 
tified in Con's word, 09 forcibly and plainly as nu- btngua^e and the. natural sublimity 01' iht s^ b- 
jeet could have udmitte d. j't' 11 -' 19 

~Courts~J\tartn'. I ~a n d Military Law. 

TBj WAIT& CO. wsl! speedily put (o preiS," A 
. Treatise 011 Courts Martial and Military Law. 
Containing an explanation of the principle* which gov- 
ern Courts P/larual and Courts of Inquiry .under ilie au- 
thority of an individual Siate, and of the UuuedSia^ei, 
in war ane peace. Also, the Powers and Duties of in- 
dividuals 111 ibe Army, Navy, and rVWina ; and the 
punidnnenis to which iheymay be lirble, respectively,, 
for vioations Of duty. Together with ihe necessary 
lorros for calling, as-emb!ing aud organizng CdUnti 
Martial, and all obcr proceedings of ■'aid Conns. — By 
ISAAC MALTbY, Brigadier General in the lour h 
Massiclmse^sD.viiicru, *tvl auther of £leaieiAs ol Wat 

BUck Call 

HiTBM > 
• fans just 

5 and 6, CornhiU-oaurs 


ola'X Galloon*, 

No. 1-2, 





do. J, 


do. do. 

do. 2, 


di do. 

do. 3, 


[HIINll ltllllv)H3, 

do. 3-4, 



li'U do. Lustring do. assorted from No.2 to 12. 
Ok Hand — A good assortment of Silk and Cotton 
Goods.. * Jun e S3 

iiiblsons) CHoves; ScI 

ONE c»scj)liiek and green Lustring li.bbon», 
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200 do tape* from 11 to 25, 
100 gross gilt aud plated Vest Buttons, 
A few pieces elegant figured fllarseillKs Quilting, 
for sale by NaT U. u CAUSES, No. Jl,. Stale-e treet, 
June 23 ' 

Hats, Gloves, Umbrellas, etc 

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OJilTU.iR r. 

D1F.D]— In F-.tVttc.VLUe, (NC.) Mrs. Etizvurru, 
Tifc of Ml- F*r>?J -'IWin^htm' farmeriy of T "--.': 
Jean.' 1 . — ! — In Baltimore, 2-Jlh-ult Sr teats D. 

TCBMB, ofthiatown. In New-York, Silas Tal- 

•jot, Esq. late Caytam in the V. S. Navy.— < — In Ci-0- 
tun, { 'tin,) Josr.pB AiiLE>-,Esq. X.\. 78. — iuProvidencc, 
Sitri.1 BrrLSR, Eaq. Jtt. B5 :— Hon. Jouv DoffRAVcr, 

JEt. 6s. In North-Kingston, Mr. Jou.s Ha/.mid, .1^1. 

JEX. 67 v In Townscnd, (Vt.) ^Oth ult. Capt. Eziu 

HotoEooK, JEt. 69 ; leaving a Wjdosr, 6 children, anl 
many near friends to lament his death— In W. tmuig- 
tiin.'Mv. Ji-ns tV'ncoi, JEt. 70, and bis e'-destaon 

{.losa.) At.4\, In NewliJie,, TiMorut C^STil, 

Isq. of Wilmington. In B-iuiiogton, Mrs Ersict, 

Wife of Gai". J)avid Xobirutm, X.X. 52 : Mc.» 

IIvt-ves, JEt.62. In Grt--:il-Bjrriugron, Hon. 8am D- 

uB.nw*, arejipecutble'!, JEt, 3%. — —In 
Booth bay, Mrs. R^cinti, Wife of ft. V *~>dght. f'sq. 
Jar. 43-- — InN. Bedford, Mn.MoHi, w!Tol .Mr 2. 
H-olh, JEt.23 

Diko]— in Kbinel eek, 1 'v )*Sid ult. in theSlst 

year of his age, Mr. Jott* if. .;. m -l.u, amemberof 

the seuiOAcrBU of -H:u-vard College— If tlieupinion of 

clasnoatea be any standard, by -v'.ich \o eatimntc Cue 

rharacuv of- aycoise moo, wa possess most uflcquivo- 

cal proofs afthe wonJi of Sc/swW, Tfce linit.- whicli 

be •p'.-tit ut tht tTatvcrsity, was M*faeS;nt to hive dt- 

v^lopesl a charac'Airfur more dark and intfiEatr Ihiui 

* is ; Vhca however it terminated, wei ntute ua as- 

s?rt, // iefrfiimno -ntmy. Xcithi-r was tliia Hie result 

of: (Vrfferuoee, tbrthougb nouecould h-vc thoughuf 

'■.1 mlic e, yet none would liavc spoked olnim 

'■ ontempt -, in. wua ,t inervlv because "hecouhj 

■ :■-■ toil'., hiluritj of theva-^ut hour, or par- 

1 ith equal gu»t the favorite aiunscnient," for 

-of thifl Bortj though they m % .ff$ have intrti. 

AnoMnunto lb. gosietj ol a few, «-t,.ild never ;ve 

t c ivcdltimthe esteem ft! all thevitrioiiscoairapWrfl 

birt compose n Dniveraitf. Srhin/t-t possessed 

cij'...> ** to command respect as soil as those to eon- 

wiiutslov^, His disposition \< .11 io tunublc tliat he 

■ ■■■: harbi>rcddcsignsloj''iirio<U'h>anvonc; 
al tUcsarjit time ii arjw mujkh and amlhl rhataone 

Id bitvc suspected bWb of doigns which hediaijot 

■ possussed in unjueeted generosity of 
»"1 ■ .1 Uom tin first iBoioeni of ntnu&int; nee, 
litltrust.aoddeclari >1, loiaw Own words, ilistt 

r.» lung Mtorxcdtahisprcacn e^a-ouidbemistakeiihy 
e;ity -r owslrpr; seftted by>n.»l«e. A- bit heart was 

■ •■ ■■ <>'. :•:: ,1, .,, ,1 ) 1(1 f.,ni,h L:«lleH- 

len-d bun familiar with poli*iic«J sojjietjr, ha was. of 
e-ftrus polifc in hvi mannuw and gwutle man like in his 
depoftnieot With hiioirtnaers and nddrcsjihe could 
!: - ,w 1 '■■'" ■■ ■'■"■■■■■" v.6j.*ti.-c!-- , trtthhis dtspOMition 
11 ' ■'■'■■■■■ l f-lendi tfhwjeverJinown. 'B'-t 

" -t 1 m.tndour ]iT-.iisefl ;, 

nell gen , endowed ■. , ,:rl 1 i .\. ol , 
■!■ :tnhl 1 : 1 well improved bv 

■' 1 rtsivi inter m ..■ wiUi the world, 

■ ■■ y. 1..U1 could l< "- ir ■ . d u] Lift wjffi 

■' '' ' J expe( : tioui n Scf.ui/Ur .-— h|s 

: ' ." 11, hi, lortunc, 1 ', . u.ini. i''iii..und'.-arm 

il 1 vi hjs ■-■,.■,! .-||- ■,.',. I .,; -I j 

un», a right 10 caloiiloi upon lt-^)[il- 

tabilltj in mo ,, : -y. But uotwltli ■ .n- 

■'.-- thus oontribuud to bind bin tottf , 

1,-. od u-iii-L wai to dlisolve tltosc 

... ."la with oompQJure, and beheld 

■ '■ . i> e^prasntttagvateaUyvrcrofest 

...7H- -4 d 

Contenli.— CJiapler 1. The objects of Courts Martis! 
—their geneial powets audduties. II— Vaiting, oc> 
semblrng and organizing Couris Mar:tal. I'l — Ter- 
sohb eligible as members ui Courts Martial, IV— Per- 
sons amendable to Courts Martial. V — Of Evidence. 
VI — Of Pleas. Vll— l'roeeed'ogs of Couns Martial,— 
VIII— Sentence of Cotiru Martial IX- Execution of X -Judge Advocate. XI— Mardial. Xll 
— Arrests. XIII —Appeals. XIV — Ctiurij oflnquiry, 
XV — Individual powers of certain officers respecting 
Courts Marital, xft — Proceedings of Courts Mar- 
tial cogniraMe by the civil court. Persooal amenabil- 
ity of any memlicr of a Court Martial to ths* civil power. 

Afi/iLHilti. — No. 1. Rules and Aniclei of War of the 
United States at large. No. 2— Rules a«d Articles of 
^afof Massacliusens. No. 1— Rule* and Articles for 
ihVftaVjti No. 4— Orders ot the War Department 10 
operate during the war. No. 5— Navy Deportment.— 
No. 6— Itegulaiions respecting pay, ctotbing, rations. 


" This rrea.iae was originally uudertaken, io com- 
pliance with lit solicitations ot military gentlemen; 
andsoley with a view 10 the ro<lit<a. In the prosecu- 
tion vi the work, it was frequently nrcessary to refer 
10 ihc act, und articles (if war («f i*>* II.»ii-a «,-'«^ — 
roe snu losrsano those of he United Stales, ihe duties 
of the rr^o'ar toldivr and the citieen so.dier, were so 
blended, it was determiaed to bring tbe whole subject 
under consideration. The militia man is indeed deep- 
ly interested in oil. its demi'.s, being liable to the same 
pains and penalties, and to tbe some rules and regula- 
tions, by the articles war, as ihe individual ol the reg- 
ular airny. Besides this ptri ,n<d micrctl , which every 
uiihtia officer has at slake, in these dhctmion*, there is 
also a public i-ttrett involved. He owes certain du ies 
to the' public, as a member of a court martial, for which 
he ought always to be qia.ined.and by his knowledge 
ut ihe doiies, be able to facilitate the proceedings uf 
conns martial; and not by hi* want of information, to 
clog and impede their proceedings, to the injury of the 
pnblic aud every individual concerned, If officer* rill 
give themselves ijie necessary informal ion, those dsa- 
greeaSlc delays, so frequently witnessed at t-mriim ... 
..a!, will be avoidtd ; ibe property of the government 
i-s w:d ; erroneous decisions lets' frequent , and a more 
prompt and strict justieedone.hoth to the accused, and 
10 the government. 

" Having farisd the original design ; the work has 
been completes! with a refercuc to all oer national for- 
ce\ the principles being alike applicab e to the naval 
and military department. The author h not without 
liope, therefore, that the work as now pretenied, will' 
be found interesting and useful, nor only 10 the mustia, 
bat to the army and navy ol the United Sta-es. 

" Considering tnc existing circums'OHces of ihe coun- 
try as a bcligsrcot ; when every individual attached to 
the army and nauy,may be arraigned before a military 
tribunal; and she militia (at call) equally exposed to 
theoperaiions of military law ; ihe author believes ibis 
attempt, at the preteni moment, will be duly estimated; 
especially as uo ir^atisc on this subject ha* hceawiUcn 
la America." 

It is parL'Ctrlsrly requested that the subscriptions for 
the above work may be rcturnCdto ihe publitrhcrt by 
the first ilny ol September nmt. 

coMniTinns. — Toe work will lie primed on good pi- 
per, and will co ii isio at least 300 pages octavo. Price 
to subscribers, une dollar and wventyjhi'ttau, in boards, 
and (ir<) dollar* neatly bound and lettered, to be paid ou 
delivery. To non-subscribers the price will be enhan- 
ced, B?Tuosc wbo obtain 8 subscribers, and become 
responsible, will Ik entitled to one book gratis. 
inn* If! 


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ven* Duck j half Dock and Sheeting* ; English 
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er U.I; 1 case Calcutta Indigo; 4 hhds. eied'cut 
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Cordage. Ji,n,ei abovt, 

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ind bo/T" J 

StotflJIUHS, end 

Berlin Co'di i 

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Patent Account- Book Manufactory. 

A^JRtW I. AI.LrN.No«*,Siel»-str«f. continue* 
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j„lj ,1 WM. CLF. l. ANO, /'f«y.. ."f 

CupiirUK'rsIi:s> IiUsoUed. 

X«Tn hereby give notice that we arc no longer to be 
TT cousiikred Partners in the firm of 
of St. ■Andrews, in^he Province of New-ftrunsw-i, 
nor will *V0 be accountable for the oayux-&l t any 
bills drawn by that firm, 

As witness our bands, at Liverpool, this first di > oi 
January, i" the ycj- of our Lord, one thou, snd 
t ight huntlied and thirtcen- 
Sit-ned in pretence of 'in, C. LOGAN, 

J, A. Bnrsn, S.VM't LENOX, 

f. C MoiLivrri. WILLIAM WF.L! ; i 

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Co on ; Wrapping, Writing and Printing Paper ; 
English Muitaru, inbot.les ; Hhad and Mackecel , .' n 
EiJiej Urown Suap ; 05 dor. warranted Sutton Scythcj; 
Cotton and Wool Cardi, and Card Wire. fPanhse t 
• 1 0,000 y ards brsi quality Tow Clo.h. j une 9 

Cotton ,iuti Naval btores. 

E CRANE, Jr. No. 2, India-wharf, has for sale— 
• 2U0 bales Sea Island, New -Or leans and Upland 
Cotton ; few zeroons llrazd ditto. Mia, 

■j 100 bbls. Tar and Turpuntine, and a few hhds. 
Georgia Tobacco. june 23 

Commonwealth of iMassachuntttu. 

MinDLCais, m. To Josiah Marshall rnd others, heirs 
at law of Isaac Marshall late of B.Ucrica, m 1* 
County 'dfMidtlleacXfOentlcniMi, deceased, itid to 
all others concerned in Utec>t , .i decesrs- 

cd— Greeting. 

WHEItBASa certain Instrument, purporting t.i bp 
the last Will and Tcatanteiu tir's . d deceased, 
has been presented for probate to the Hon. faxaa 
Pnnscoi'T, Esquire, Jddge of Probate of wiiuahd for 
granting letters of >dmitiVjii jtion in and for the said 
County of Middlesex, by (saac MorsnaU, (he Exectftor 
tlierein named— Yov luje therefore h;i . I 
pear before the said Judge, al a Court ol" Probate, to 
be Iioldeti at Cambridge, in mid for said County of 
Middlesex, on the lost Tuesday of August i.r\: t'c 
show cause, if any you h*vt„ eitlicr forora-a i 


Aud you, tlicahovennmrd Isaac Mttrshall.Esecotar 
r- aforeshid, accordingly bit hereby Ortlered io serve 
thisciLiition, by giving pcrcemal notice U 
persons conceiiied in said estale, living within ill , i V 
mdeB of tup ikid Court, fourteen days., at least, pr*. 
vinua Uieicto"; and noUrVjng nil otacn inti 
th'--rcin ; by causing a true! Copy Itervof to be Inserted 
three wefefcs successively in the public rjewspuper, 
called th- UoUttAbian Cen:,:i*i, published in Uo»"-n by 
Benj jfain Busscll, the last publication to bent least 
twenty days before the said I* Tuesdaj ol ■ 
and io mv.k'_- due rctom bero»f ( with vour tilings 
therein, unto B&id Court. 

Witness the, said Jam*-, Squire, Jit dge o 
Ecobate aforagaid, under !us olficial, at Co hecad 
the eighth day of June, in the yeitr of our L'lRn, onu 
thousand t;>p:.t Imndu il ttnd thirteen. 

.:\.MES PRESCOT'lV i-t-- of ",.„■„-.. 

■ ••, ■ —+ ' -' - I 11 

Hoiiftc in Oambrhfge, 

rTpO h-- LET — <Y,r Houae, anfj Out-liouit*-, fui-metly 
i. occupu-il by Maj. Brattle, ntnr C^tiBhcidaje A|oet- 

ingJIouse. — The rent Will b<* verv niodtr-'te io u gen- 
U- --1 l^inilv. Ai p'y a; \,. ,^, r^md-iir.-.Ct. i ".'J 

^O be Lie — Part or the whole of eke 

Fire Pr-iof Ilriclc Siok-, N ■;. <j5, Co'jrt-strcct, 
nearly opposite the Old f^urt-rtrjBse—iOTie of the bv.-t 
st:uid9 in said street for Edgjioh Goml*; or t/q otlier 
kind of biiajocBS. hquire a 1 said store ' J ?S 

Cum, liijo, Canal Wood, Ǥfc 

AFEtV bundled bushels ..f ixcellei:t Corn and Rye 
in good order : o.ik and p. tie Canal Wood by the 
range. Jlso, Bbls fresh Flour, Rye and Indian Meal, 
fresh ground for faintly use, and kold by weight i — 
with -i general assortment of W. I. POuDS— for sak 
by EBLN BMI'PH, MiU-Pond-street, 

near Clni'les-Bivcr-Bridge, 
(^•Storage as above for Grain, &c. on n- iionnble 
terms, where it can be KStivfed md delivered by Wa- 
i.t- <n- Land, tf iane 3fi 

Twenty Tackages Ha r d ware , 

AT No. 50, Broad-sired — A consignment of Hard 
ware, now open'ng and oiTerod for sato in I0IS IO 
■Hit parchs'fts — am.ji-,5 which are, <in'd aud plated 
SaJdJcry ; tin'd Iron Spoons; Brass Cocks, Thumb 
La'clus, Gimblets.lrou-C'audleMicks, W. M. Buttons 
Japanned Ware, Awls, Shoe-Tacks, Fhnts, Wood- 
^erfenrf, Curry-Ctstibs, Smftk's Vices; Locks of all 
desciiAUOhs j Worsted, Lioeufend Baper Webb. 

iYfl— 109 bundles -Sheet Iron, Borne of which is very 
thick, for doors— '2GO bom Tin Plates— fi by 8 aud 
7 by 9, Oowii OLASS. June 1J 

Crockery Ware. 

Sicin or Tat LeorABo UNtON-$rs«iT, 

tT A VF for sale, iwo hundred crates Liverpool Ware, 
1 welt calculated for the .Country— Also, a few 
hhds. blue printed Tea Set's.— They continue to re- 
puck ware at short notice, in tbe besi manner. They 
have al-o four hundread bushel* Juaiper Cerrie*, which 
they wonld eachange for other Merchand ze. 

may 29 -If - 


BENJAMIN B. APPLF.TON, informs hi* friendi 
and the Iruhl'C that he bus removed From No. 2S, 
Union-urea Io Nn tfi, Cornhill, the Sto.e lately oc- 
cuptedby Jnhn ufaraffall, and formerly by Ahr. Basin; 
and having pD- chased the Stock of the said Marshall, 
has now for Sale a complete assortment of Hard Ware 
Goods, on ■■ lie bc-si tc-mJ, €w may 5 


NATH: XIFL (;. CA8N1&, has removed fmjn the 
Chambers over No. i, (south side) Court-Mroel, 
ti No. 21, Statc-Sttoct, two doors below the State 
link. June 19 

lmportaift to Clothiers ! 

riltlF, Subscribers tike this method to infffnn the 
X Public, and Clothiers in particular, of the com- 
plete and succositlil operation ot .SriOaaas's Patent 
Muchinea for Shetirhijc Woolen Cldtlt, dcsiring-thfiie 
u?Il0 are in want of Machines f* tlifct piuTKise, not tb 
ptirdtasc until thev have at t-ast exaniwod one of 
those. One principal reason of the great superiority 
of these Machines is that the runner or moving part 
of the stic:u-5 is composed of a number of iittfc blades, 
which are gently borne down with small Springs, and 
although they admit of sharp edges which cut tbe nap 
as keen as shcep-sboari, yet they, are so light that tt 
they cittfii thcclo'h, rJuy will immediately buff and 
jump over :; Tr.v r J r.';'.7.ictici- rr t.Uo Ti'ry simple 
'^nd oi" course tea* liable to want repair, and .slie-urs 
may be grouts and kept in aider by any couimuii 

Tlic above Machines arc coujittinUy for u*V by "dr. 
VVriAtau. TttBsTOSj Hcent atBoston, win it- Certjti- 
cales of their impot4anc< may, be aeen — «id also by 
tho mjssoribers at Westcrlyi (R- '■) wjtBra all ■ J ■ 
wdl be nunctiiiillv attended '*• 

.ir.i»iin\li w KWGnr, l Jgent t for afs 
.Ti),[',l'll.sT(i.t Ai,\N,.ti. ■i Patenter. 

W.;'?r!y,(It . ! j_Jw«# ?6, IMS- . [InWJjWjV ] . 

h. Andrews, 

CONTINUES to transact Businest as Usual at No. 4, 
tln.oa-Street, in ihe Chambers over Messrs rxVn- 
*g Sw'fi $ Co. and has for sale, a general assortment of 
HARD WARES at whoWale only. 

A constant supply of American Wire, from No. 1 to 
93, of approved quality from the Newton Wire Man- 
faciory. At**, Eogfld. Card Wire— N*. SS to a*, 
issse 9 _^^^^_ _^_^__ 

Nffi lUN. 

SAMIIRI. TORRKY of llo.'-m, soil of fl'm. Zfenevj 
of M.-iidou, County of Worn -.tcr, has becai all- 
thoriaod by on Act of the Legislature of Maa.acbu- 

srit?, i„ take the name »*" 


'j\i be LET— Aconveiiiuntli^elliii- 
■*■ nocsi: ; n RoxburVf with o acrea ofLi mi, and 
a nucib-r of Piuit Trees thereon, it being within -i 
rnUoso :-)stsin. Jnw, a Pew in 'die Rev. Dp Pornr** 
Meetinji-Hailse — Immedinte possession vrtll be giveji. 
Pur further particulars, inquire of SEO^CE HOWE, 
$ ■'■-*';■■*'•. '- . -i,. jiin.- 2.3 

HpO lie iaiJlT, one half of a Dwellin* 

llti'is'^, situated jn B/lkniip-^treel, OHtcubUcd 
for a small family. Inquire of JosaCU PuWEll, (;.un- 
brid^c-jtroei, a' the corner of It'asjell -slice*- J alt S 

^(TbE LET— A very conveuicut 

-*■ brick Dwelling HOUSE, in Pintknev-Sireet In- 
quire at WM t;. AVLWLX's Orlice, Rogei J s-BuihU 
i 'lifs. jtily 3 

^O be LBT— in Columbia- Stroetj « 

jrentcel HOUSE, 4 stories higli, ceouisting ol 
ton t*onti| and IsaviiiK nn Aqueduct, and gQlQtl Wi !i.t 
water. Inquire of KUXXUBP.OWX, Waas*n-3ti-cc; 

■* ;ii s?. : ' _ 

r pO be LET— a convenient Tene. 

-' jn^ntin Brattle-Square.— Itent gS20 per annum. 
Apply iti Jattali JiUinehiird, on thL- premises, or to f. 
tfifUlaip, Lontf-wlui-f. * julv ,3 

^TO btTLET— the to\W pari and Cd- 

*■ hir of Store No. 2, Long-wharf. 

Ahta-yA small Tenement of on.- Room and Cham- 
ber, suitable only for a small family. 

Likewise — A Inrgc upper Chamber, 40 by 30 feet. 
Ins been used as n Cabinet Maker and Chair Maker's 
Shop, but would suit fern variety rrf other majiuxaa- 
torieg. Inquire of WM. UTTL*% 3 lore No O.l.oag- 
Giods consigced for 

it ha -.. uj-C-ish advanced 

if— and Go'>ds take 

uh 3 

^O bu LE 1\ a laiv;e convtiuieri," Brick 

HOUSE, in norcliestcr, rnntLuraing Tlirce P:u-- 
lnitrs, two Kitehena and five CLuiibtrs, Woo, 
Barn, goo. I Witter, with shout one acre of Ground, 
and a itumber of frtlit Trees, being \fiy liandaomely 
sifciatott, and «uitable for two ftimilici^-the estate 
lately occupied by Joseph .'V//oju*, Esq. AUofar ;aU; 
20 3-4 acres of LAND, in Brooklitv.-, vTiih a Urge Barn 
tlicrefin, and a large number of fruit Trees, heinir a 
veri h tndsorne aittutttCul for a SiOUTner resitlcnce, hav. 
iasr a view of Boston and its luirjjqtir For furthor 
p..rt'ieulars inquire of JOHN PEIUCC, in Soutli^trcet,, 
Bost on, _ j ane SS 

FWWCIS* IrteUi£ence"d$t^~ 

WNO. 3, DEVO.-\91111UV*?TRB(lT, - 
ANTED to hire, a smtdl gunicel nTOUSE, witi 
Out-Houses, wi"Ji from 5 to 10 acres of good Land, in 
tha vicinity of Buston, it being on somo public road ; 
who has such u situation may hear of a food tenant by 
applying at above. To Le Tat— Two convenient pleas- 
ant Chambers in FeHeral-^ficet, with other conven- 
iences, A Young Woman with the best recommenda- 
tions, wishes a situation in a genteel family to do the 
<tew"'ry , July 3 

Situation Wanted. 

ART-SPECTAQLE Young Woman wishes a sittia- 
tion in a gentleman's tnmily to do the Sewirg, •>- 
as Housekeeper. Inquire »t the Ceniins-l *?«urrtina; 
R'vim. July 3 

FRANCIS' Intelligence-Officf. 

A.V<j- 3. Dcvonjare-Strtrt— 
".'OUNG WOMAN with tlic best recown""d - 
tions, wishes a shunt ion ^- a grntWman's family, as a 
Chamber -Maid, or io do the work of a small fhnilly- 
ipply tm above, where Domestics, v,iUi good ■ liaaae*' 
t,lfs may obtain plarfs. (TjStbatitutes Way he had 
for the Drafted Militia in BasttdL J 1 " 1 -' 26 


Political Mehcantili: and 


Printed an Wedtcsoats and S*»C»nAj«--^ WIL- 
EnrrOft and- PROPRTETOTI—q: hU Ojffee in^iune-STnvTT, nd^ceni so SriTi-SrasXT, and 
ir. ths tens of the Evcu.vui. C<WW-HiW»st 


J 1 : i. i R.0S. 

t ■■-> 3 tarday. I 4 5a 8 
II Sunday. . 4 33 8 
13 Monday. U 13 8 
n TuwdetV vAi 

R.s)S. i Full Sea. 

•2 1-8 9 

' 2 36 10 4 

4 39 JO i. 
Qrfee {■ 11 44'